A student can fix their stressful life and clear their mind.


As the school year unfolds, students encounter obstacles that induce stress. Whether it is school, work, or drama, everyone goes through hard times that make juggling daily activities difficult. While some stress may be healthy, an excess amount can be overwhelming. Here are a few activities to manage one’s stress.

Balance Yourself: Eating and sleeping are essential for everyday living. Students often push them aside in order to study or get their work done, but this neglect can be harmful to one’s health. Managing time and getting enough sleep allow the body to rest and recharge. Along with sleep, eating a healthy meal gives the mind and body energy to take on any challenge throughout the day.

Find A Calming Hobby: People’s hobbies may range from singing to drawing to playing sports. Whatever your issue is, finding a hobby that makes you happy can distract you from the stress in your life and can brighten your day. Watching your favorite shows, listening to music, or talking to friends may also lift you up from a bad situation.

Recognize Your Triggers: Throughout everyone’s life, they face different circumstances that cause stress. Recognizing and assessing the problems in your life can help you feel more in control of the situation. If the stress is caused by an overload of work, a planner can help manage and narrow down what needs to be done. Tackling each issue one by one can make you feel more and more at ease.

Keep Your Head Up: Whether an issue can be conquered or not, life goes on. Everyone is in control of their own feelings and can choose how drastically their problems can hurt them. In the end, these small problems will not matter because things truly will get better. The key to healthy living is to keep your head high and don’t sweat the small stuff.