Get Inked

Inktober, a challenge taken upon by many artists.

Art by Maddison Magyar

Art by Maddison Magyar

Angeles Cruz, Staff Writer

Since 2009, artists have been testing their inking skills by challenging themselves through a variety of prompts throughout the month of October. The event has helped artists improve and develop their artistic abilities. Inktober has been a part of Suncoast High School’s art class for the last years; art students of all levels and art styles are challenged to use their creativity and inking skills to create artwork related to the prompt of the day.

Anthony Kopp, the Suncoast IB art teacher, expressed that, “The creativity that some people come up with for the prompts,” is his favorite part of Inktober. Kopp introduced Inktober to his class four years ago, when he also began taking part in it. Steffen Varela, an art student, said what is most interesting about Inktober is that “artists could get stumped but with the prompts, artists get ideas as to what to draw.”

The Inktober prompts could at times be confusing or just unappealing for some artists, but that is the challenge to it. Artists could just give themselves a break and skip the prompt
of the day. “Don’t feel too pressured to finish everything, I’ll say, do the prompts you like and want “There’s no need to feel obligated,” Maddison Magyar advised other artists interested in Inktober after being part of Inktober for the last five years.

Everyone is encouraged to give Inktober a try. It might be challenging, but that is what puts the artist in a situation where they have to test their creativity. Artists should never underestimate their inking skills because they never know what their creativity could lead them to.