The Golden Trinity

Nate Sasser, Stone Bureau and Ian Smikle share their journeys.


Photo of the trio together.

Jamaica Manuel, Staff Writer

#5 Nate Sasser

As a kid, Sasser played multiple sports, including baseball, football and basketball. Even though he liked playing these sports, he found a special connection with basketball. Movies like “Space Jam” and “Like Mike” have inspired Sasser to dedicate himself to basketball. After fifth grade, Sasser has committed more time and effort towards basketball, which got him to where he is today. In sophomore year Sasser came to Suncoast where he found Coach Jason Powell. Coach Powell helped Sasser grow as a person. He is one of the reasons as to why Sasser is dedicated to basketball.

“Me and Coach Powell have a really good relationship and we’ve known each other for years. He’s like a father to me; he’s always giving me advice on and off the court and he’s
a good role model,” he said.

This year is Sasser’s last year at Suncoast and his experience building up to his last year has definitely changed his life. Since he was a kid, he always planned on playing high school, and college basketball. Stone Bureau and Ian Smikle are like brothers to him. He said they are good teammates who always push him to do his best and make sure he gets the job done. In the future, he plans on continuing his hard work by excelling at the sport.

“Basketball has always been my interest. I’ve always been interested in playing high school and college basketball. In the future I plan on playing basketball even if it’s not the NBA I’ll probably go overseas,” Sasser remarks.

#30 Ian Smikle

Smikle started playing baseball but then he stopped at eight years old and started playing basketball. He started to enjoy basketball more and eventually got loved the sport. Smikle is not sure as to where he plans on going forward with basketball. As of right now, he is focused on getting a degree by playing basketball, and whatever happens after that will be seen as a blessing to him. Smikle sees Nate Sasser and Stone Bureau as brothers. He started playing with Sasser in high school. Sasser has always been a brother to Smikle on and off the court, he has always been a great teammate and Sasser makes sure both guys are always locked in.

Smikle believes, “He’s always funny and you can always talk to him. I always saw him on Instagram and when I met him in person it was even better. I just thought he was always a cool guy. It is fun to see him everyday at school and always get a good laugh.”

Smikle knew Bureau ever since he started playing basketball, he stated how Bureau has always helped him and how lucky he is to have him as a point guard. Smikle said their experiences as a trio like going on trips, makes their bonds get stronger.

“They are my brothers. I love both of them. I wish nothing but greatness will happen for them,” Smikle stated.

#5 Stone Bureau

Growing up, Bureau did not always play basketball. His first sport was football which is where he met Nate Sasser. By third grade, he was playing basketball but he was not the best at it. He worked hard to get to where he is today, through consistent workouts, and eventually the results started to show daily.

In fifth grade, Sasser and Bureau teamed up and it was the first time they played together because they were always on opposing teams. That partnership led to a bond that was unbreakable. Basketball has always been a big part of Bureau’s life as many of his family members also played the sport. Playing basketball in high school was uncharted waters to Bureau, but he loved every single experience he got out of it. When compared to middle school, he talks about how it is nice to have a huge crowd always supporting him. Being able to play with Sasser and Smikle was an amazing experience, especially being able to play under coach Powell.

Bureau stated, “He is a really good coach. He is my favorite coach, in fact one of the best coaches I’ve ever had and he just taught me a lot about the game.”

In the future, he hopes to continue playing basketball but if not he still plans on getting a great education.