School Rules


Tiana Anderson (STUDENT)

RISE and what each letter stands for.

Tiana Anderson, Website Manager

With the 2022-2023 school year starting, there are various changes that have taken place. These changes have occurred because the administration wants to make sure this school year goes well for students and teachers. It is only right that you are aware of these transformations so there is no confusion about these rules.


One of the most significant rules that has been implemented is the ID rule. Students are required to wear their IDs at all times on a Suncoast lanyard, they are required to wear current-year IDs. When school first began, each student was given the opportunity to take their ID picture in the Charger Commons.

“Personally, I am not sure how being required to wear our IDs is helping our school as a whole, it seems like a waste of enforcement,” senior Shania Marshall said.

If someone is seen without their ID, they are asked to go to the Charger Commons to receive another one, which is $10 added to the student’s obligation list. They are also required to attend lunch detention.


As many may know, students are not required to wear uniforms, so they are told to wear clothes that are appropriate for school. The dress code policy has become much stricter than the years prior. Currently, our school is following the district dress code policy, however, the students are told to wear tops that do not show their stomach and also to wear shorts/skirts that are at least 6 inches and/or mid-thigh, yet these two rules are not stated in the family handbook.

“I feel like the dress code disproportionally affects only girls and it really has nothing to do with guys,” senior Sarah Pierre stated.

Every morning, each teacher is asked to check if their students are in dress code, and if students are not in the proper dress code, they must be sent to the office for not abiding by the rules.


Suncoast has implemented the acronym, RISE, to present the behavior expectations that are required by students.

The R in the RISE stands for Respectful and Responsible, the I stands for Inclusive, the S stands for Scholarly, and the E stands for Empathetic. The administration has created posters about the RISE acronym for every teacher to hang up in their classrooms to ensure that the students are aware of what is to be expected. In addition to the RISE acronym, students are able to receive “RISE points” from their teachers when following these expectations in the classroom. The students with the most points for the week receive a reward from the administration.

To ensure that all of these rules are followed, students attended a Success Assembly at the beginning of the year that
states all of the rules and regulations for our school. These guidelines are to be followed and if they are not, the student
will receive consequences.