New studies are showing protein bars are not as healthy as they say.


Hungry and need a quick snack? Protein bar. Need a quick boost before a football game? Protein bar. You don’t  have time in the morning to eat breakfast so you grab a quick snack? Protein bar. Millions of people eat protein bars on a daily. They are known to give you a quick boost to keep you going with just the right amount of protein; however, new studies have shown they are not so nutritious after all.

Some companies that sell protein bars do not meet all the standards An article published by the New York Daily News states that “The Food and Drug Administration is finally looking into the health claims of these snack, most recently asking the makers of KIND bars to remove the word ‘healthy’ on some of their products.” KIND is just one of the many protein bars that claim to be healthy. When Harvard student Robert H. Shmerling looked more into this topic, it turned out that they were more like sweet treats than nutritious snacks. Protein bars are used to sometimes replace meals or are a post workout snack. Another brand that put lies on their packaging is CLIF bars. Although they contain nuts and vitamins, they are not much different than your average candy bar.

“I eat protein bars almost everyday, I was shocked when I found out that what I was consuming wasn’t as healthy as I thought”, Mariana Pachron a sophomore at Suncoast High said. Sure these nutritious bars taste great, but that might be the downfall. These bars contains more than a whopping 17 grams of sugar.

Even though there are some not so healthy protein bars, there are some good nutritious snacks that would be a great alternative.

Overall, if you need a quick pocket sized snack, these kind of bars are not the way to go. Instead grab an apple or some nuts. Do not believe all the labels on products that you see. It is inferred that you should look into what your daily snacks claim. You cannot always believe what certain companies labels are telling you. Stick to regular natural snacks.