The public holds many misconceptions about Republicans.


Conner Dickman, Staff Writer

The United States of America, a country where people are free to vote and free to choose whatever party they please, if one at all. Today, just over half of all US citizens are independents, and support moderate views. The other half has chosen to side with Republicans, Democrats, or third party candidates. This even applies to students who attend our school.
The two main parties, of course, include the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party, and moderates alike, tend to develop misconceptions pertaining to the platform of the Republican Party. For instance, some Democrats believe Republicans hate gays; this is one of the many misconceptions. In reality, Republicans do not hate gays, they simply believe one man should not marry another man, or that one woman should not marry another woman. Another misconception relates to public’s view on guns; some Democrats believe that Republicans want to remove all restrictions on guns. This, however, is not true; many Republicans, like myself, want to exercise our rights given to us through the Second Amendment. If we want to buy any firearm, if we choose to buy one, we should not have to jump through hoops to get one. These misconceptions exist because of the false talk between people with opposing views; they do this to give the Republican Party a negative view compared to the other parties.
In recent times, the public has generally shifted towards more moderate views. Therefore, the number of pure conservatives and liberals has decreased. This will allow for easier compromise over issues for those officials currently in office. Therefore, work completed by these officials will please everyone.
Although many people classify themselves as a Republican or Democrat, they may still believe in some views from the other party’s platform. One Republican may believe in gay marriage, while a Democrat may be against it. The classification of Republican or Democrat is simply determined by the location of the majority of each individual’s views. For example, I believe gay marriage should be permitted, and pro-choice towards abortion, but still classify as a Republican because that is where the majority of my other views, like gun control, lie.