The Future Is Now

ChatGPT is changing the atmosphere of how people and businesses function.


Sean Meister, Staff Writer

The world is changing. The good news about change is that it can be very beneficial and can lead to improvements in all ways of life. The biggest change that is happening in our world during this time is artificial intelligence or AI for short. AI is taking over how we do everything in our lives from asking a device to set an alarm for what time you wake up in the morning to a program that can write entire essays for your work. The AI that can make these essays for you is called ChatGPT.

Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, which to put it simply, means that it is a device that can help anyone search for answers to long-form questions. Long-form questions are what make up almost all of the questions in schools that are not multiple choice questions. This can be essays, free response questions, AP style questions, and even writing book reports. This program is so strong that it could teach what teachers have taught kids for months in just one response.

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI, which focuses on the training and reinforced learning of artificial intelligence. OpenAI has also made previous versions of ChatGPT, one such example is InstructGPT which would work with the prompt given similar to the way that ChatGPT would, except it would not be able to take confounding variables into account in a question. This could be like asking how could 1+1=3, seeing it is not a true statement, but the bot would try to make it work. ChatGPT on the other hand would take questions that do not have logical meaning and put it into a theoretical statement based on information it could find online.

The best question anyone could ask about what we expect for the upcoming future is how will this affect humanity, and the truth is that this is just the beginning. Many companies have already started implementing ChatGPT into their projects for their business due to it being completely free to use. ChatGPT can help with almost any long term problem, as long as that solution to the problem is found online.

There is only one flaw that is stopping ChatGPT from becoming an all controlling artificial intelligence and that is due to human oversight. This is a principle often discussed in Goodhart’s Law, which states that “when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure”. This means that the more the perfect answer created by ChatGPT is used, the more focus is shifted towards the human condition of being able to produce a response typically being of human appearance. To put it simply, the one reason why robots have not taken over the world is because we still have more humanity than artificial intelligence.