How to High School 101

Being well-behaved around the school helps to benefit everyone.

How to High School 101

Abby Slonaker, Design and Copy Editor

As the school year progresses, students are becoming more comfortable with their surroundings and are getting involved in school activities. However, when this comfort turns into complacence, misbehavior often follows suit. In order to make attending Suncoast a pleasant experience for everyone, it is important that students mind their behavior, whether they are walking down the hallway, eating in the courtyard or sitting on the bus.

Hallway Traffic

If you have ever walked down the first or second floor hallways in between classes, it is more than likely that you have been blocked by large groups of students standing in the middle of the hallway. While there is nothing wrong with talking to friends on the way to class, creating circles of people in the middle of the hall makes it difficult for other students to get through to their class.

“I find it very annoying when people crowd and talk in the hallways because they get in the way and interrupt the flow of walking traffic,” junior Natalie Chapman commented. An easy solution to this would be for students to walk with their friends rather than coming to a full stop in the middle to meet them.

Subbing Trouble

A large portion of Suncoast’s population rides the bus to and from school. Because buses can be such crowded environments, students must be respectful of other people around them.

“I feel like the bus is something where people are going to be loud because after school that’s when everyone is either tired or energetic, so it’s never one mood in there. It can get hectic,” Jehu Ceromain, a junior, said. Oftentimes students stand up, yell and talk loudly on the bus. Talking to the people around you is alright as long as it is not disruptive to other students or distracting to bus drivers.