Spreading School Spirit

Our presidents have been working hard to raise the school spirit.


Jamaica Manuel

See who your presidents are! Valentina Holland (Top Left), Allan Johnson (Middle), Terrance Williams (Top Right), Tanesha Pierre (Bottom left), & Aarnav Gautam (Bottom Right)

Jamaica Manuel, Staff Writer


Valentina Holland, the president of the freshman class, has helped put together the freshman float and the pep rallies. Being part of SGA, she helps make the posters, plan out the spirit days, and plan other events. Holland wants to encourage people to be more involved with the class council.


Allan Johnson, the president of the sophomore class, notices how much the school spirit has increased. He pointed out how this year more people are eager to join in the fun of the school events. He plans on having similar spirit days but switching up the themes to not have it the same. “The sophomores have gone all out this year, and it makes me very proud to be president,” Johnson said. Moving into the future he has more plans for this year and is very excited on how the students will be participating.


Terrance Williams, the president of the junior class, has been successful with helping the SGA and representing the class of 2024. He feels that he did a great job for the junior side of the pep rallies and homecoming float. Williams has gotten a lot of compliments from his work. In the future, since the juniors are in charge of prom, he is planning on surprising everyone with the theme. With high hopes for the spirit days, Williams will keep up this energy for the rest of the school year.


Tanesha Pierre, the president of the senior class, is thrilled with how this year’s events have been turning out. She mentioned how SGA wants to make students’ high school experience a more full and well rounded experience. Pierre stated that homecoming was one of the biggest projects SGA has taken on and it was very successful. She saw how more kids want to be school involved and participate in more activities.

SGA President

Aarnav Gautam, the SGA president, is responsible for the incredible amount of school spirit this year. He has interesting themes that will encourage more student participation. Gautam is pleased with the students’ reactions and how people have been satisfied with the SGA events. He mentioned that in his freshman year, Suncoast’s spirit was very low, and how this year it is making a comeback. With events like diamond days, upcoming pep rallies, and prom. Gautam is eager to see how the rest of the year will go.