BSU Family Fued


Photo by Leslie Joseph

A look at how the game went.

Elizabeth Horsford, Social Media Manager

“And welcome your host, Steve Harvey!”exclaimed Justin Ricketts, BSU president. Recently, the Black Student Union held their first ever Family Feud game night. This event took place on November 7,2022 and included numerous contestants split into different teams.The host for the night was Amberton Cadet as Steve Harvey. Each team included five players with six teams in total, one of which was made of teachers. The questions ranged from various topics such as household items and weather. The contestants kept the crowd on their toes with their responses and truly made it  memorable experience.

“The Family Feud game night was our first event of the year and we learned lots from it. With Serenah and myself, we worked endlessly to put together not only a fundraiser for BSU but a fun night for people to unwind,” Ivoree Hendrix, BSU events coordinator, said.

BSU successfully illustrated this event in the auditorium after school welcome for all to come and watch. They also offered pizza and refreshments for those who paid via SchoolCash. BSU’s events committee thought that this would be a great opportunity for fellow BSU members to bond through teamwork and also recruit new members through the advertisement of the event. Posters and a video ad were made in order to further expose the event to those around Suncoast. Over the course of numerous weeks, potential candidates signed up to be on teams and/or help execute the event. Additionally, informational meetings and rehearsals took place leading up to the event in order to ensure its success.

“Overall, the event went better than expected. I admired the persistence of the officers despite the hurdles that were thrown their way. I look forward to more events in the future,” Clarence Walker, BSU Sponsor, said.

This was the first time that a club had tackled an afterschool Game Night, making BSU’s event a precedent for future events. The contestants kept the crowd on their toes with their responses and truly made it a memorable. experience for those involved.