The Face Around Campus: Vincenzo Patino

Who is Vincenzo Patino, the face around campus?

Vincenzo holding the photo that is being placed around the School

Sean Meister

Vincenzo holding the photo that is being placed around the School

Sean Meister , Staff Writer

As of the year 2022, a photo of Vincenzo Patino has been passed around the school and has been found in places nobody had ever thought to look. Whether it is in a classroom or in the gymnasium, you are sure to find his photo if you look hard enough. How did this all happen you might wonder? It all started during the quarantine year as an inside joke that grew to become massive amounts of copying and distributing of photos.

A simple question from an anonymous student asking for “quarantine photos” resulted in Vincenzo Patino taking the photo and sending it to them.  This photo was then used as an inside joke where his friends would make edits and changes to the photo, for amusement during a quarantine lockdown. As soon as these individuals were brought back to school in person, one of them thought of the brilliant idea of printing out a photo of his face and distributing it to each of their friends as a way of remembering the memories made during the lockdown. However, what they did not expect was the mass demand of these photos after other students and friends of people. who had the photo said they wanted their own copy.

Soon, one individual had the idea of putting Vincenzo Patino’s face in multiple classrooms with the help of a small group of students. Each of these students would. go to each of their classes and find a spot. to ask the teacher. to put the picture, or sneak the picture into their class. Over the scale of. doing this with multiple different classrooms, this led to other individuals not related to the original Vincenzo spreading receiving these photos.

“In all honesty, I’m cool with my photos around school and I wouldn’t wish anything different,” Vincenzo said.

Soon after the 2021 school year, the pace at which these photos were made would only escalate due to ambitious ideas and a lot of photos.

Hundreds of the Vincenzo photos have been copied and distributed to lots of students. This has led to more students wanting to get involved with the distribution making more brilliant stunts to deliver these photos around the school. One of the most ambitious ones to date was during the 2022 Pep. Rally, where the photos were taped to balloons and thrown around the bleachers. In a grand finale, someone who was distributing the photos took a bunch of the photos, and while everyone was jumping in the air, they threw. the photos, and they went all over the bleachers. This was one of the last spectacles to be made in recent time, but even if this joke seems so silly it has led to some great outcomes.

One such outcome is the photo variations. Someone who was distributing the photos decided to edit the original photo and make alterations that include him smiling, him with a visor, and other unique edits. These photos have become more scarce because, according to the editor, there are “special editions” and who can blame them!

Due to the success of the spread of the photos, Vincenzo’s friends thought that it would be fun to see if they could get Vincenzo to accomplish other things. One such example was getting him to become Homecoming King. After some convincing, Vincenzo Patino agreed to go through with it. Many flyers for Vincenzo for homecoming were made and distributed and. eventually led to him successfully becoming homecoming king.

“In all honesty, I’m glad to have some sort of legacy behind and I wouldn’t change it for the better,” responded Vincenzo Patino.

Whether it is making his face famous around school or becoming the homecoming king, one thing is for certain, this would not have been possible without the friends that made this happen and Vincenzo Patino’s willingness to go through with the photos being distributed. If these photos have done anything, it has brought bonds between friends.