America Votes

The United States holds the 2022 midterm elections.

Results by county for the Gubernatorial race. DeSantis in red, Crist in blue.

Photo courtesy of Carhles.

Results by county for the Gubernatorial race. DeSantis in red, Crist in blue.

Gabriel Diaz, News Editor

On the evening Nov. 8, 2022, people from all over the country headed to their voting locations to have their voices heard. Though a lot of the voting took place before Election Day, thanks to mail in voting becoming more prominent after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The results took several days to be finalized and fully counted, but on Nov. 12, the Democrats were able to keep the Senate and on Nov. 16, Republicans were able to take back the House of Representatives. The Democrats picked up one Senate seat, having a 51-49 majority; meanwhile, the Republicans picked up nine House seats, having a majority of 222-213, the same majority the Democrats had in 2020 and the smallest majority in the House since 1952.

The election happened mere months after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and the right to abortions nationwide. Many Democrats ran on this issue, pledging to make abortion legal nationwide again if Democrats kept control of Congress. Meanwhile, Republicans doubled down their stance on abortion by introducing a nationwide abortion ban to Congress, which did not go anywhere, but was a statement of intention about what a Republican controlled Congress would do.

The economy was also a big issue for the election, happening after the highest period of inflation in over four decades. Republicans did not hesitate to use this as a campaign issue, pointing out the failures of the Democratic government in economic policy.

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis won reelection against former Republican Charlie Crist by 19 percent of the vote, 59 to 40. DeSantis ran on a platform praising his own achievements in office and deeming Crist as an extremist. The Democrats responded by calling DeSantis an extremist as well, and attacking his 15 week abortion ban with no exception for rape or human trafficking. Democratic Representative Val Demmings ran against Senator Marco Rubio in Florida, running as a moderate and using her background as the Chief of the Orlando Police Department to gain moderate voters. Rubio, however, was able to keep his Senate seat by 16 percent of the vote, 57 to 41.

Also in Florida, Activist Maxwell Frost became the first Gen Z to be elected to Congress. The 25 year old Cuban- American from Florida’s 10th Congressional District ran on a progressive platform, advocating for universal healthcare and stricter gun control.