Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

The debt relief plan can help many collegiate students.


Photo Courtesy by Eric Haynes.

Biden announcing his plan for the PSLF.

Tiana Anderson, Website Manager

Envision being 40 years old with a family and still paying for student loans. This is definitely not something that anyone looks forward to doing, yet millions of people are in this predicament. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program is an initiative to assist those middle-class federal student loan borrowers and those with student debt. This plan will cover loan forgiveness of up to $20,000. I believe that this is very beneficial for those who have to pay thousands of dollars in student debt.

On Aug. 24, 2022, President Biden announced his aim regarding student loan relief forgiveness for people in need. There has not been a set decision on what is going to happen, yet a large number of individuals responded to his plan of action. According to an NBC article by Desiree Montilla, numerous Americans around the country have applied for the forgiveness program; however, these applications were put on hold because there have been challenges to Biden’s proposal. The federal appeals court placed a hold on the program on Friday, Oct. 21. Americans were not pleased with the government placing a hold on their applications because they know this program would be beneficial when paying for student debt.

Student debt refers to money owed on a loan that was borrowed from the institution used to pay for educational expenses. When it comes to attending college, families have to worry about paying for housing, food, books, transportation and even supplies. It is not easy to handle all of those expenses. This program is valuable knowing that college could get very expensive, and not all college students have the funds that they need to purchase the necessities.

“Having student debt at such a young age trying to find a job in an economy that is suffering simply due to the fact that we must pay thousands of dollars on an education to become hard-working Americans is heartbreaking. Although the Student Loan Forgiveness Plan may cause a shift in our economy it is all to help those in need and change the futures of students,” senior Rachel Fernandez expressed.

Many people would have been lifted out of poverty if this program was implemented years ago. Helping students who are struggling to pay for their education is important.

“I think this Student Loan Forgiveness program is long overdue and this should have been available for us a while ago. Also, college education should be free for students, they shouldn’t have to worry about paying for their expenses,” assistant principal Attallah McLawrence explained.

Many students are not available to work while in college, due to the fact that they may be athletes, or they have a full load of classes. For these students, there is no other way to receive money other than financial aid.

“The first lawsuit against the one-time federal student loan debt relief program was filed in late September, and there have been five more since,” Peter Butler stated in an article on CNET. Those who agree with the program want answers with reference to the application being put on hold.

On Nov. 14, 2022, the federal appeals court issued a block towards the Student Debt Relief Program. Annie Nova and Dan Mangan wrote an article on CNBC expressing that this ruling came from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis. Several states argued that “the loan relief program threatens their future tax revenues…” Since this block took place, millions of Americans who previously applied for this program were very disappointed about this decision. There is a chance that this program could become available again; but only if the Biden administration appeals to the Supreme Court.

The government should take into account the millions of students and graduates that attend college that have to come out of pocket to get the education they need. Graduating from college and having to worry about thousands of dollars that have to be paid back to the university/college you attended is not something you want to hinder your start in life. The PSLF program is certainly favorable to those attending college now, as well as those students who graduated with debt.