New School Year, New Counselor

Meet the newest Counseling Service team member: Carlos Hernandez.


Angeles Cruz

Photo of Hernandez working at his desk.

Angeles Cruz, Staff Writer

The school year starts with new faces all around campus, and that includes the staff.

Hernandez previously retired from working in the School District of New Jersey after 22 years, where he also taught criminal justice for six years. He treasured his job as a counselor and proved his devotion by returning to counseling this year. 

“I’m learning a lot, some things are different, some are the same. The parents and students are the same. I enjoy working with the students and the staff is very helpful. There’s a learning curve portion to it, I’m really liking it,” Hernandez said. Despite the fact that it is a new school, Hernandez maintains a positive attitude helping students along their journey to a successful school year.

Before Hernandez retired, he would play basketball interacting with students, making him realize that perhaps his job as a counselor is unfinished. 

“One of the reasons I came back into counseling was because I felt I wasn’t finished. I would talk to students and I would talk like a counselor, and I thought I’m not done with this, with my job as a counselor,” Hernandez commented. Counselor Hernandez is determined to work with students and staff to make this year a great experience, and claimed that he preferred Suncoast not only because of the campus but also because of “the students and what the school had to offer.”