A Serendipitous School Year

The 2022 Suncoast yearbook is finally complete.


Palm Beach Post

Suncoast students read our school’s award winning yearbook, the Renaissance.

Abigail Slonaker, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, so does the impending release of the 2021-2022 yearbook. After several months of hard work put in by the yearbook staff, the final product has finally arrived. The staff described their experience creating this year’s volume of the Renaissance, Suncoast’s award-winning yearbook.

The yearbook staff spends the majority of the school year working long and hard to complete spreads using Adobe InDesign. This allows them to let their creativity flow as they come up with unique designs and write articles detailing all the events that occurred this school year.

“My favorite part was the creative liberty I was given. I really got the chance to create something that’s tangible and that hopefully has a real sense of longevity in people’s lives,” Editor-in-Chief Tess Romine explains. The yearbook is a crucial part of any school experience and will remain in people’s possession for many years to come, so it is no surprise that the staff members feel a strong sense of dedication towards their work.

As expected with any long term project, there were trials and tribulations that came with the creation of the yearbook. Some students found the transition between the beginner yearbook class and the advanced class to be a bit difficult. Meeting multiple deadlines was also an obstacle faced by the staff. However, they managed to persevere through these challenges and have fun while doing it.

Most people dread deadlines but I really enjoyed the fast paced, semi stressful rush to get things done. I especially liked how everyone would work together and offer to help each other out.

— Katelynn Rabideau, Index Editor

In 2020, virtual learning resulted in a barrier between in-person staff members and staff members who worked from home. After overcoming the plethora of challenges that thisdivide brought, the yearbook has returned with a full in-person staff.

“It was a pleasure having a full yearbook staff in person this year. We were able to cover events and generate content to build a book that will be treasured for decades by our Suncoast student body.” Yearbook adviser Stephanie Russo proclaims.

It is clear that creating something as large and important as the yearbook could potentially be a very strenuous task, but thanks to the hard work and devotion put in by Suncoast’s yearbook staff, the Renaissance is back again to summarize another exceptional year.