Highlight on Clubs

A look at how the class of ‘22 has impacted their community.


Ron Sterling

The Class of 2022 is pictured at their final pep rally.

Daniel Mcglone, Editor-in-Chief

Amnesty International is a club advocating for social justice. They hosted “Write for Rights,” which advocated for human rights across the globe. They also hosted a campaign against vaccine inequality and an event which promoted the protection of Ukrainian citizens in addition to collecting donations to support Ukraine. “I am really proud of how far Amnesty has come, especially after starting the club virtually. All three of our events were very successful and we were able to increase Amnesty’s presence around campus,” senior and Amnesty International Club president Liliana Sisto stated.

The Black Student Union continued their annual traditions like their soul food luncheon, their mental health wellness seminar, and their Afrocentric Blowout. Throughout the school year, they continually supported students and made way for more cultural diversity across the school. “I am extremely proud of everything that we were able to accomplish this year. It was only possible through the hard work of all of our members,” senior and Black Student Union Co-president Tyler Hall stated. “I know the club will be even better next year.”

Student government ended 2022 the school year off with the first pep rally in two years. Bouncing back from the lack of pep rallies due to covid, the gym was filled with enthusiasm and school spirit. The pep rally marked the end of the covid era for Suncoast.“I am very proud of the effort put into the pep rally from the class of 2022 and I’m so glad it was in person for the first time in two years,” senior and Ms. Suncoast Jayna Manohalal expressed. “The charger pride was amazing.”