A Prideful Charger

Jayna Manohalal is known schoolwide for her green and gold soul.


Jayna Manohalal

Manohalal poses as a Leonard’s Ambassador in Suncoast’s courtyard.

Jad Dargam, Editor-in-Chief

Whether it is a pep rally, a debate tournament, or filming a segment for WRSN, there is always one Charger that you can count on being there: Jayna Manohalal. 

As a freshman, Manohalal always knew that she wanted to help out her fellow Chargers. “I remember being a freshman and not knowing where my class was and this senior had walked up to me and introduced herself as Miss Suncoast,” Manohalal said. 

When Manohalal was approached by the previous Miss Suncoast, she felt welcomed and had a new sense of joy attending Suncoast. As she continues to go through each grade level, Manohala realizes that she wants to be a leader to the underclassmen, with whom she can resonate with. 

After being crowned Miss Suncoast this school year, Manohalal has come to represent Charger Pride for all of Suncoast. As her journey throughout high school comes to an end, Manohalal takes the time to reflect on all her accomplishments from freshman year up until graduation. 

Manohalal knew since her first year at Suncoast that she wanted to make a difference, and she has, being an active member of a plethora of clubs, taking leadership roles, and representing her school to the community.

Currently, Manohalal has a officer positions in four different clubs and is an active dancer. She has also recently worked with Leonard’s Photography as an ambassador to promote their services. 

With all her activities and commitments, Manohalal organizes her life with a single planner. “I always tell people that if I don’t write it down in my planner it simply won’t get done. I know it’s ‘lame’ to carry a planner around but being at Suncoast and doing everything I do makes my life so much easier,” she stated. 

In her limited amount of freetime, Manohalal loves to spend time with her family as a way to relax from the stresses of school and work. “My little sister, Jaclyn, is nine and I adore spending time with her whether we are going to the park, playing games, or watching Disney movies,” Manohalal said.

Most students know Manohalal from her work on WRSN, Suncoast’s daily news show. Anchoring the show for two years has given her the ability to meet new people, helping her to become as well-recognized as she is. 

Manohalal’s favorite part of being Miss Suncoast is getting to know the underclassmen. “This does have to do with the fact that I am also an anchor for WRSN and students are able to recognize my face, but the ability to be addressed by Miss Suncoast when walking down the halls or out in the parking lot is really cool,” explained Manohalal. 

In the future, Manohalal plans to become a news anchor, specifically for ABC’s Good Morning America, rooted from her experiences working for WRSN. 

“I know that it will take a lot of work and long hours but I know that I am prepared for it and that preparation comes from the teachers and faculty here at Suncoast,” she emphasized. 

The next Miss Suncoast has big shoes to fill, but Manohalal has hope that they can make the school even better than it is now. 

To those who want to become Miss Suncoast in the future, Manohalal wants you to know that:“It is a lot of work and people will not always be grateful or understanding of how much effort you put in. But, no matter what, keep your head up and stay organized. Get a good group of friends that you know can turn to who won’t judge you.”

In the end, a big part of Suncoast will be missing next year as Manohalal moves on to university; however, Chargers will never forget the large pep rallies and community activities that she helped to plan in her four years of being a Charger with a lot of pride.