Rowing: An Underrated Sport

Students discuss their rowing extracurricular.


North Palm Beach Rowing Club

The North Palm Beach Rowing Club practicing.

Charlotte Kimmerling, Staff Writer

Rowing is a sport, sometimes referred to as crew, where people race boats using oars to propel the boat forward. It is slightly obscure, gaining nowhere near the level of attention basketball, soccer and baseball receive. Thus, not a lot of people are aware of the training and practice that goes into rowing. Students Claire Dinh and Ben Sadler both go to North Palm Beach Rowing Club, and have to practice five times a week for the regattas they attend four times a season. 

Dinh came across rowing through her cousin, who was a coxswain in high school. The coxswain is the member who does not row but steers the boat and faces forward, towards the bow. She started rowing in a summer camp, before her freshman year. Sadler came across rowing through a friend, and he started rowing this year. 

“My favorite part of rowing is definitely the scenery,” Dinh said, “I love being able to look at the sunset, especially on less vigorous practices.”

Ben’s favorite part is the workout, and he also enjoys being able to row with his friends. He believes most people do not appreciate how difficult rowing is.

“Rowing is a good full-body workout, which most people don’t understand. There is a misconception that it only works your upper body, but you have to push your legs down before pulling your arms in to complete a stroke,” Sadler said.