Helping Hand to Ukraine

With the Russian invasion in Ukraine, citizens are suffering and fleeing their country. Here are some ways you can help from home.


Getty Images/iStockphoto

It is time to step up and help the Ukrainian people survive this conflict.

Isabella Jaramillo, Staff Writer

Donating and sharing the following organizations that support this cause:

  • Care, the International Humanitarian Organization, has set up a fundraiser for Ukrainians in need.“Families in Ukraine are fleeing violence and urgently need emergency aid. CARE is providing food, water, and more,” the homepage says. The group has partnered with People in Need and hopes to build a fund that can reach 4 million people, especially women, girls and the elderly. Donations for Care can be made on their website,
  • Doctors Without Borders, which works in conflict zones, is partnering with volunteers in Ukraine to help people travel to health-care facilities and working to ensure that people have access to healthcare and medicine. To support Doctors Without Borders’ Ukraine work, visit
  • GlobalGiving, a U.S.-based nonprofit crowdfunding platform for grass-roots charitable projects, launched its Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund page, stating that all donations to the fund will support humanitarian assistance in affected communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled. 
  • Voices of Children. This charitable foundation helps children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine. They provide support to children to help them overcome the consequences of armed conflict.
  • Sunflower of Peace is a foundation that provides backpacks with emergency supplies for doctors and other medical personnel on the front lines.
  • Vostok is a Ukraine-based nonprofit that helps evacuees.
  • International Medical Corps is supplying physical and mental health services to Ukrainians in the country as well as to refugees.

Other efforts can include:

  • Expressing opposition to the invasion through participating in rallies and protests. 
  •  Contact government representatives urging them to accept as many refugees as they can. 
  • Spreading awareness about the crisis through social media platforms.