Practice Makes Progress

Girls’ Lacrosse team prepares for an exciting season of rebuilding and cooperation.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A lacrosse stick catches a ball mid-game.

Zaara Alam, Managing and Sports Editor

As spring rolls around, the girls’ lacrosse team is getting ready for a season of readjustment and renewal. Last season, the team made it to semi-finals before, but with several players graduating this year leaves room for new opportunities and beginnings. 

“My goal for this season is to create a more inclusive environment,” captain Lillian Bedard, attacker, said, “[so]  everyone on the field has an opportunity to make a difference, score, and overall just have an impact on the game.”

Players agree that one of the strong points among the team is the bonding and chemistry between the girls. Captain Isabella Sill , attacker,  said, “I love being on the team because I get to work with my friends on the field.” 

“My favorite thing about being on the team is seeing how helpful and nice everyone is and how we all want to help each other succeed,” Freshman Kylie Mata said.

In terms of strategy, the captains seek to refine stick work and cooperation on the offensive unit. Overall team development is a major focal point for the season.

“My goal this season is for everyone to master the fundamentals and advance their skills so we can have a well-rounded team,” Sill said.

Despite the room for progress, the team does still have a bright season ahead with 2 consecutive wins since the start of the season on February 17 with their first game against Newman, 18–12, and their second game against Dwyer, 16-10.

“I’m super proud of how great of an attitude everyone has and how hard working we are,” Bedard said, “Everyone cares about getting better and doing their best whether its in practice or a game.”