Rejoicing In Return

English teacher David Pardo makes permanent return.


Derek Hall

Photo Courtesy of Derek Hall, “King Taxi” Suncoast HS, Class of 2021

Zaara Alam, Managing and Sports Editor

In a classroom of fun and interactive learning, David Pardo takes on full-time teaching at Suncoast High School. Pardo has previously worked as an interim teacher before finally becoming part of the Charger family.

“I look at it like being featured on another artist’s song the first two times, but last year was my debut record,” Pardo Said.

Pardo is an English teacher, more specifically he teaches AICE English General Papers. Not to mention, he is an advisor to the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter as well as the sponsor of the guitar club.

“Guitar Club Fridays are the best! I’m hoping that I discover the next huge, teen star and then we can both quit school, begin touring and making records and become famous,” Pardo said.

Pardo aspires to make a mark on his students and truly shape the experiences of the students here and that he has been “always holding out for Suncoast.”

“My main goal for the future is to have a valedictorian or salutatorian mention me in their graduation speech like what happened this year with Ms. Baruch,” Pardo said. “It was such a touching moment and reminded me why teachers love their job so much.”

Pardo said that his favorite thing about Suncoast is the diversity and “Ms. Riddle’s baked goods’’ as well as that simply being a teacher is what truly motivates him to teach and educate.

“[I enjoy] The early mornings and late nights. The new slang I learn from my kids. Being surprised when a student puts in the extra effort,” Pardo said. “The different personalities of every single class. Seeing a student have the “aha’ moment. Being surrounded by teachers who are so dedicated to their students and supportive of fellow teachers. And cafeteria lunches!”