The Treehouse Man

Obscure Game Spotlight

The logo of the video game, The Treehouse Man.

Hunchback Studios

The logo of the video game, “The Treehouse Man.”

Collin North, Staff Writer

Created by Hunchback Studios, “The Treehouse Man” is a game of unique style. 

With niche gameplay that combines turn-based, platforming and bullet hell elements, this game is one that can satisfy the wants of many different players.

Play as a nameless child who must take the last available boat and traverse the corrupt rivers of a dark and mysterious forest in order to confront the Treehouse Man, an elusive entity that is worshiped by your fellow inhabitants. He has gone silent to his followers, leaving them alone to deal with the onsetting corruption that causes monsters to spring from the waters and fall from the trees. While on your quest, you will make new allies, discover deadly enemies, and upgrade your arsenal to fight back against the waves of monsters each new river throws at you.

The art style is simple and dark, with each character being a silhouette standing out against the light of the background. The soundtrack alternates between relaxing, moody pieces to fast-paced, driving battle themes, all of which set their respective moods perfectly and help push the player further towards their goal of saving the forest and all those who live in it.

The gameplay itself is nothing short of challenging, and while upgrades and items can help ease the difficulty somewhat, each enemy will keep you on your toes, and at times make you rethink your weapon layout. 

Despite the challenges, to me this game is a relaxing experience. Even when there are numerous projectiles to dodge, and enemy attacks seem to be stacking up, the foggy visuals and muted sound effects stopped me from getting too tense or worked up.

If you are looking for a relatively short but intriguing game experience, then consider picking this game up on Steam and supporting the small development team that brought this game to life.