The Rise of Rioters

The evolution of robbing to looting in young adults.



San Francisco Police Department investigates a crime scene at Union Square.

Kh-crash! Went the shattered window glass of the Louis Vuitton store in Union Square, San Francisco. On the night of November 20, 2021, chaos unfolded after store windows were smashed and police were chasing people into the streets. Although the Louis Vuitton store was the most high-end store looted in the plaza, it was not the only store robbed. According to ABC7 News, officers arrived on the scene at a retail store in Union Square where they observed several suspects involved in criminal acts and made several arrests.

The vandalism that occurred at the LV store and other places was disappointing and people were horrified, yet when the Devious Licks trend came around people found it entertaining and proceeded to participate.

“The ‘Devious Licks’ trend was entertaining to some people, but the vandalism that occurred at the Louis Vuitton store and other places was disappointing. This shows how things [trends] can start off small and become worse. People doing the trend now can graduate into doing worse things and they have to be careful what they do in their futures,” junior Marvin Castor expressed.

Events related to these make us question “Is this really what our world has come to?” The answer to this question varies, but a way others are influenced to do these actions are through trends. One of the most well-known trends that encouraged thieves was the “Devious Licks” trend that originated on the platform of Tiktok. This trend gained popularity after many videos were filmed of property being stolen from schools and public facilities. If individuals feel comfortable enough stealing materials from public places, who says that they will not graduate to places of higher value.

“People participate in trends because they see it on Tiktok and just want to become popular. They are disrespecting the employees and the customers that are willing to pay for the stuff being stolen,” sophomore Jehu Ceromain stated.

In the footage seen of the looting that took place on November 26, 2021 (Black Friday) at the Best Buy in Minnesota, over thirty people were caught stealing merchandise. Actions of such chaos have the potential to put many innocent shoppers at risk. As the young generation of children grows old, they are influenced by what they see occurring in the world around them.
Providing the world with a negative view of young adults specifically in America is not something worth being known for