The Tote Takeover

The Lululemon brand has been taking Suncoast by storm with its small red tote bags.


Phillip Pessar

The outside of a Lululemon store at the Aventura Mall in Florida.

Sa'Mya Williams, Social Media Manager

Why are there so many Lululemon tote bags being carried around the school hallways? Is it another trend like having white air forces, a hydro flask, or wearing Ron Jon clothing? Turns out, there is a reason behind it and it is not only because it is trendy and mainstream. Lululemon has been a huge hit ever since the school opened back up, and people were in desperate need of new clothes that they would be comfortable in.

Lululemon is widely known for its popular and comfortable leggings. Wearing athleisure clothing in a regular setting such as school or a grocery store has become popular throughout quarantine and became a well-known trend. Atlhelseiure such as leggings and dry-fit clothes has had a boost in sales and Lululemon is one of the companies to have a huge impact on the brand.

“Literally all the girls in my classes have that little red bag for their lunches. I don’t understand why, but it sure is a thing and a new trend that I noticed. I mean, it looks nice, but that’s probably because my favourite colour is red,” junior Taylor Nance said.

The Lululemon red tote bag that has become famous at Suncoast. (Adjua Fisher)

Students all around campus have been dressing in leggings and shorts because the dress code is more relaxed this year. The idea of being comfortable while you work has led to an increase in leggings sales, and Lululemon’s high-quality clothing is a must-have.

The average price for leggings at Lululemon runs between 90 and 130 dollars. To many people, that price may seem outrageous for a pair of leggings, but there is a reason behind it, and it is that because of their expensive fabric machines and high cost of production.

“Yeah, these leggings were really expensive, but it’s all worth it because they last a really long time and are perfect for doing yoga. The tote bag was just a little add-on, well at least for me. It’s a really cute bag and the words inspire me every day,” senior Gaby Hernandez said.

Seeing the Lululemon tote bags being used as lunch bags makes much more sense. People not only shop at Lululemon for their clothes or sports bras, but also for a tote bag. When you order a product from Lululemon, they add in a free red tote bag because of their high prices. So, when you see someone walking with a red tote bag with inspirational words written on them, you will know why. Is it worth it to buy clothing from Lululemon? You decide.