Students cursing on the field is becoming a problem.

photo source: ChicagoNow

photo source: ChicagoNow

Adrianna Estrada, Lifestyle Editor

The adrenaline rush a player gets while they are so close to making yet another point for their team is something unforgettable. With every step closer, you start to get nervous, not wanting to let your team down. Your face starts to gets closer to the ground. Suddenly, the student is heard shouting, “Hey! What the hell!” No one stopped to think about what he had said. It was almost as if he had never said it at all.

Cursing on the baseball field is something that has been happening for a while now, especially with players in the Baseball Major Leagues. Students curse all the time in the field, but it is a very common phenomenon to see that some parents are overly involved in their child’s sport especially during games.

Overly involved parents have always caused a bit of a problem, they tend to argue with the referees or pointlessly shout about errors the opponent team has made. Angel Cruz, a sophomore on the varsity baseball team said, “There’s always that one parent that curses on the field, as we grow older we kinda just picked that up naturally.” There has been several cases of parents being inappropriate while watching their child play, that schools have to stop the parents from coming to the games. Overly involved parents have been depicted in movies, showing that the students themselves do not curse just for the fun of it, but because they pick up on their parents actions.

Many parents who get enraged by faults in the game are frowned upon by other parents attending. In some cases, students get embarrassed by their own parents. Some students are forced to play sports that their parents enjoy, not the students themselves. This is a big reason why so many parents curse on the field, and why students athletes pick up on those actions.

If parents thought more about their actions, less students would be cursing on the field. Parents who are overly involved do not realize that what they are doing is a bad thing. Parents are so concentrated on their child winning the game, that they forget about the huge impact they have on their children. For now though, cursing on the field is something that is inevitable while students play on the field, especially when a student gets hurt while playing.