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2017-2018 Staff

Eda Kutsal

Managing Editor

Managing Editor, Eda Kutsal, has been part of The Legend Staff for 3 years. She loves to travel around the world. She has been on more airplanes than she has fingers and toes. She hopes to pursue international business in the f...

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Maria Fahmy

Business Manager

Maria Fahmy has been on the staff of The Legend for three years now, and has been the Business Manager for two. She enjoys playing 2048 and watching Disney movies. She is a Senior in the IB program....

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Marisa Hart

News Editor

Senior Marisa Hart is the news editor for The Legend. Along with writing for The Legend, Marisa is a part of the cross country team and is a committee head for National Honor Society. In the future, she hopes to use her passion for t...

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Monica Kramer

Lifestyle Editor

Lifestyle Editor, Monica Kramer, is a member of the Varsity Cheerleading Team at Suncoast High School. She may be small but her capabilities are greater than any of those around her. As a diligent worker, her potential to succee...

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Jahnaezha McFadden

Opinions Editor

Jahnaezha McFadden is the Opinions Editor for The Legend. She had always enjoyed writing, but once she joined Journalism her freshman year, her favorite past time became a passion. Now, she is the only junior section editor an...

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Anthony Inza

Sports Editor

Anthony Vittorio Inza was born and raised in the blistering lands of the Acreage. After countless seasons, Anthony migrated to the thriving cities of West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach. From this point on, Anthony took on the n...

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Farzana Talukder

Design Editor

Farzana Mim Talukder is the somewhat qualified design editor of The Legend. She is a literal meme, as her middle name is, no joke, pronounced ‘meme’. Socially awkward and brimmed with anxiety, Farzana values friendships and ...

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Meghan McGlone

Copy Editor

Meghan McGlone is one of the Copy Editors of The Legend, and it is her first year being an editor but her second year writing for the paper. She really enjoys reading and writing but thinks that oxford commas are literally disgust...

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Alex Levine

Copy Editor

Alex Levine is a senior in the IB program at Suncoast high school.  He enjoys sailing, running, sketching, piano, and woodworking in his pastime.  Alex was the sports editor prior to this year, and has assumed the role of cop...

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Simrun Waghray

Website Editor

Simrun Waghray is the main Website Editor for The Legend newspaper. She is 17 years old, and attends Suncoast High School. When Simrun is not working on the website, she is either binge-watching Netflix, listening to music, or ...

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Jimmie Smith

Website Editor

Hello, my name is Jimmie Smith and I am Co-Website Editor for The Legend. I usually compose music as a hobby and I am the guy that is “Unquotable, Unpredictable, and Unsuitable.”

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Sam Powers

Social Media Manager

Sam Powers is 16 years old and has been on the newspaper staff for 2 years. This is the first year that she has a position for the paper, and she handles the social media. When she is not working on the newspaper and posting on...

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Megan Mendoza

Multimedia Manager

Megan Mendoza is a staff writer and photographer for The Legend. Megan is in the Math, Science, and Engineering program and wants to study medicine in the future. She loves music, movies, and writing for the school newspaper....

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Mariangel Aleman

Staff Writer

Mariangel Hodgson is a staff writer for The Legend newspaper. She is 16 years old and a junior at Suncoast High School. In her spare time, she reads and paints.

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Kaiden Buscemi

Staff Writer

Kaiden Buscemi is 16 and a Junior at Suncoast Community High School, and so far has really enjoyed the experience. An easy way to sum up Kaiden is that she is really passionate about the ocean and its conservation, she is a bit ...

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Yashna Chowdhury

Staff Writer

This is Yashna’s first year in newspaper and she is a sophomore in the IB program. Since her parents are both from Bangladesh, her diet consists of rice and curry. When she has free time, she enjoys reading romance and real...

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Kendall Coyle

Staff Writer

Kendall Coyle is a senior in the IIT Photography program. She is very enthusiastic about sports and loves hanging out with her friends. She has two dogs that she takes everywhere. This is her first year in newspaper and she is ex...

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Conner Dickman

Staff Writer

Conner Dickman, who has been a staff writer for The Legend for the past two years, is currently 17. He prefers writing news articles, but particularly enjoys writing about politics. Conner writes political articles because they...

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Adrianna Estrada

Staff Writer

Adrianna Estrada is a freshman staff writer. She is energetic and fun, and likes to draw and play different sports. She can usually be seen singing or dancing to k-pop.   

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Katie Gogolishvili

Staff Writer

Katie Gogolishvili is a Sophomore at Suncoast High School. In her spare time she likes to hang out with her friends and go to the beach. When she was younger she did gymnastics, and even today she goes to the gym regularly to st...

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Keelie Hanley

Staff Writer

Keelie Hanley is a junior at Suncoast High School. She is manager of the Varsity Volleyball team and loves to read, so much so that she has her own club that she is actively president of dedicated to it. She is in newspaper and ...

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Kenjela Mullings

Staff Writer

Kenjela Mullings is a Sophomore staff writer for the Legend. She is 15 and enjoys writing Lifestyle articles and doing a plethora of other activities.  When Kenjela is not in school, she enjoys playing volleyball, dancing, an...

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Rhekha Nadarajah

Staff Writer

Rhekha Nadarajah is currently a senior in the IIT Photography Program. She works at Starbucks and in her free time, she likes to hangout with her friends, go to the gym, or take her dog to the beach. This is her first year in news...

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Garfield Noel

Staff Writer

Garfield Noel is a sophomore staff writer. This is his first year at Suncoast High School, and he has adjusted well.

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William Rivera

Staff Writer

My name is William Rivera, my nickname is Taco and I’m 17 and a junior at Suncoast. I’m also a staff writer for The Legend, on my freetime I enjoy reading, playing various video games, playing with my dog, playing piano, slee...

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RJ Smith

Staff Writer

Randall Scott Smith Junior, better known by his stage name, RJ, is a staff writer for “The Legend”. RJ is a Florida native, and has never left the United States of America. RJ is known for having the longest hair of any male st...

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Jack Swank

Staff Writer

Jack Swank is a staff writer for The Legend newspaper. He is in 10th grade and in the IB program. Jack enjoys to write about technology and the world around him. When he is not in school or writing, he is either scuba diving or...

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Daniel Torrez

Staff Writer

Daniel Torrez is a staff writer for The Legend at Suncoast High School. Daniel is a big bundle of mediocrity, kindness, and constant hunger. Although he is not the smartest student, he aspires to leave Florida after high school a...

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