The Legend

2020-2021 Staff

Traci Lowe


Traci Lowe has been the adviser for The Legend Newspaper for 7 years. In addition to the newspaper, Ms. Lowe has a passion for politics and writing, and teaches debate and journalism.

Zarin Ismail


Zarin Ismail is the editor-in-chief for The Legend for the 2020-2021 academic year and a senior in the IB program. Ismail first joined The Legend in 2018 as its News Editor and Website Manager.    As Ismail approaches h...

Shivani Shah

Managing Editor

Shivani Shah is the managing editor for The Legend. She currently is a senior in the IB program and a third year staffer for the paper. She is passionate about journalism and medicine, and hopes to work in a field that can combin...

Alex Skolnick

Copy Editor

Alex Skolnick is a junior at Suncoast High School. This is his second year as Copy Editor and third year writing for The Legend. He is an aspiring chemical engineer and spends his free time playing tennis and piano, as well doing work in...

Daniel Mcglone

Copy & Sports Editor

Daniel Mcglone is The Legend’s Copy Editor and Sports Editor. He is a sophomore in Suncoast’s IB Program. He has been writing for the Newspaper for two years and this is his first year editing. He hopes to use his skills t...

Adrianna Estrada

Lifestyle Editor

Adrianna Estrada is the Lifestyle editor, and has been a part of the staff since her freshman year. Being an artist, she has helped her classmates with their design ideas, as well as helped draw photos to be put into her class...

Tallulah Maramba

Feature Editor

Tallulah Maramba is 16 years old and an IB sophomore at Suncoast High School. This is her second year as a staff writer and her first year being Features editor for The Legend Newspaper. In school, Tallulah participates in sports...

Jacki Eckstein

News Editor

Jacki Eckstein is a third year writer and a first year editor for The Legend. Aside from working with The Legend staff, Jacki also was a three year debater and an aspiring teacher. Outside of school, she is heavily involved in her com...

Lauren Brensel

Social Media Manager

Lauren Brensel is a senior at Suncoast High School in the IB Program. Going into her second year in Newspaper, Brensel enjoys writing opinion pieces and received 3rd Place in the 2020 Palm Beach Post Awards for Column Writing....

Branden Lanier

Website Manager

Branden Lanier is the Website Manager for The Legend. This will be his second year with the newspaper. He is a junior and a part of the IB Program at Suncoast High School. Besides writing, he enjoys going outside to see what ...

Kalei Joiner

Staff Writer

Somya Davis

Staff Writer

Somya Davis is a junior this year at Suncoast. This is her second year as a staff writer for The Legend newspaper. Davis loves writing opinion and lifestyle pieces as she feels that they allow her to express herself the most and ge...

Zaara Alam

Staff Writer

Liliana Segovia

Staff Writer

Liliana Segovia is a first year staff writer for The Legend. She writes articles for multiple columns and enjoys the designing aspect of the paper. She enjoys the creativity that can come with making newspaper articles, and expre...

Anna Wiley

Staff Writer

Anna Wiley is a senior at Suncoast High School. This is her first year in Newspaper. She serves as a staff writer. She is in the IIT program at Suncoast. She is also a subcommittee charity leader in Suncoast’s Black Student U...

Sandra Do

Staff Writer

Born in Jupiter, Florida on October 10. Sandra Do joined Newspaper this year of 2020. Her position in the newspaper is staff writer. She wanted to join the newspaper due to her interest in writing. Sandra is currently in a Key Cl...

Valentina Radu

Staff Writer

Valentina Radu is a staff writer for The Legend newspaper. She is 16 years old and a junior in the IB program at Suncoast High School. She has been writing for The Legend staff for two years now. She mostly writes lifestyle ne...

Dani Orozco

Staff Writer

Dani has been a staff writer for two years, sophomore and senior years. She likes to write opinions and lifestyle articles. Dani hopes to keep writing in the future as a hobby throughout college. She’s a friendly face that wi...

Grace Sergent

Staff Writer

Grace is a junior in the IB program at Suncoast Community High school. She enjoys reading in her free time and write about world news during class.

Abeeku Thompson

Staff Writer

Abeeku Thompson is currently a senior in Suncoast High School, and in his second year of Journalism. Right now, he is currently serving as a staff writer, and has written news, feature, and sports articles Outside of newspaper, ...

Samya Williams

Staff Writer

Sa’Mya is a staff writer for The Legend newspaper and has been for two years. She is a junior in the IB program at Suncoast Community High School. She is a part of many clubs such as Black Student Union and the Book Club at Sunc...

Sebastian Aponte

Staff Writer

Sebastian Aponte is a Senior and Suncoast Highschool. He has been a Staff writer for two years. He enjoys painting and other art in his free time. He enjoys watching crime shows and documentaries. Sebastian often writes feature ...

Shane Wright

Staff Writer

Shane Wright born in New York then moved to Florida early in his life, joined The Legend Newspaper in 2019 as a staff writer in his junior year of high school. Not only is Shane a staff writer, but he also has other hobbies su...

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