The Legend

2018-2019 Staff

Traci Lowe


Traci Lowe has been the adviser for The Legend Newspaper for 7 years. In addition to the newspaper, Ms. Lowe has a passion for politics and writing, and teaches debate and journalism.

Jahnaezha McFadden


Jahnaezha McFadden is the Editor-in-Chief and opinions editor for The Legend. She has been in newspaper for three years, and through newspaper she has been able to channel her highly opinionated attitude into her writing. You...

Meghan McGlone

Business & Managing Editor

Meghan McGlone is the business and managing editor for The Legend. Last year she was one of the copy editors, and she single handedly saved the newspaper from the horrors of the oxford comma. In the very small amount of freetime...

Yashna Chowdhury

Copy Editor

This is Yashna’s second year in newspaper and she is a junior in the IB program. Since her parents are both from Bangladesh, her diet consists of rice and curry. When she has free time, she enjoys reading romance and realistic...

Kenjela Mullings

Design Editor

Kenjela Mullings is a Junior staff writer for the Legend. She is 16 and enjoys writing Lifestyle articles and doing a plethora of other activities. When Kenjela is not in school, she enjoys playing volleyball, dancing, and travelling.

Kaiden Buscemi

Lifestyle Editor

This is Kaiden Buscemi’s third year writing for the Suncoast Newspaper. She especially excited this year because it is her first year as section editor for lifestyle, and to her that is something very honouring. She loves being...

Anika McGetchin

Features Editor

Anika McGetchin is a Junior at Suncoast High School where she enjoys writing opinion pieces for The Legend. When Anika is not in school she likes hanging out with her friends and watching Netflix.

Diana Devine

Staff Writer

Diana Devine is a staff writer for The Legend Newspaper at Suncoast. She is a Junior in the IB Program. She enjoys spending time with her friends, dancing, and making videos on Youtube. Additionally, she enjoys writing and her...

Bryanie Daza

Staff Writer

Bryanie Daza is a newly added staff writer. She is in the 11th grade and is apart of the IB program. Bryanie laughs and smiles at literally anything and everything, she enjoys helping people and making people happy. When she is...

Jessy Aramouni

Staff Writer

Jessy Aramouni is a Junior in the IIT Photography program. She recently joined the Newspaper as a staff writer and she also is on the schools Swim Team and Water Polo Team.

Jack Swank

Staff Writer

Jack Swank is a staff writer for The Legend newspaper. He is in 11th grade and in the IB program. Jack enjoys to write about technology and the world around him. When he is not in school or writing, he is either scuba diving or...

Samirah Abellard

Staff Writer

Samirah Abellard is a staff writer for the Legend at Suncoast High School. She is 16 years old and she is currently a junior in the IB program. When Samirah isn’t freaking out about school work, she loves watching documentaries...

Keelie Hanley

Staff Writer

Keelie Hanley is a senior at Suncoast High School. She is manager of the Varsity Volleyball team has a love of writing and analysis. She is very active in politics and enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring/learning about various...

Shivani Shah

Website Manager & Sports Editor

Shivani Shah is the website manager and sports editor for The Legend newspaper. She’s a part of the IB program at Suncoast High School and hopes to become a pediatrician in the future. This is her first year in newspaper but...

Zarin Ismail

Website Manager & News Editor

Zarin Ismail is a sophomore in the IB program, and Website Manager and News Editor for The Legend. It is Zarin’s first year writing for The Legend, and hopes to contribute to the school newspaper with her knack for writing and...

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