With the addition of a new zodiac sign, it has created many conversations about it and what characteristics it has.

November 16, 2016

One question that always pops up into a conversation is, “What is your zodiac sign?” There now is a new hype added to the astrological zodiacs, and it is not because you made a new group friends this year. According to NASA, the supposed “New Zodiac Sign” is not really a new sign. NASA is still reviewing the constellation that make Ophiuchus, and it’s qualities that may or may not make it a new zodiac sign. A few of the traits that NASA has so far discovered are that the people who are supposedly born under this sign are seekers of wisdom and knowledge, have a flamboyant style, they are supposed to be extremely curious, open to change, passionate and also very jealous. According to the studies that NASA has continued, they stated that some other traits could be explosive tempers, a good sense of humor, secretive, and egotistical. Overall, NASA made the conclusion, thus far, that this new sign and its traits is a combination of Scorpio and Sagittarius.
Although people love to discuss their zodiac signs and the text posts that follow them, your zodiac sign does not entirely describe who you are as a person. You might have been following them for the past couple years, or maybe your whole life, and it may describe you perfectly, but the truth is, is that you still have your own identity whether it corresponds to a text post or not.  Yes, when you see a text post, or go on a website about zodiac signs, the personality traits and descriptions are very broad and can almost apply to anyone who is born under that sign. There are other factors that do contribute to the way you act and the way you think as an individual. One factor is the way you were raised, and it does not necessarily mean that your mom or dad who may be an Aries, has something to do with that. Each person has their own thoughts and characteristics that make you, who you are as an individual. You also have your own ideas and opinions like anyone else, and that has nothing to do with a specific post you saw about your sign. Also, you do not based your own opinions or ideas based off of said text post because it is your own original idea.
Even when I see the zodiac text posts, I do not always agree with what it says about my sign (Aquarius), and the same applies to some of the characteristics that it names that are supposed to describe me. Consequently, I do not let this factor guide me, and try to shape me into someone I am not. I still hold my own beliefs and my original ideas about certain topics, and I keep my opinions in my head when reading certain facts or articles about zodiac signs in general, or when reading about my sign specifically.

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