Nothin’ But Net

Highlight the upcoming basketball season.


Chet Peterman

The Suncoast Varsity Basketball teams playing in a heated games against Dwyer High School. Point guard, Stone Bureau, blocks an attempted lay-up.

Elizabeth Horsford, Social Media Manager

Order on the court! The basketball season is almost here; players, coaches and fans are thrilled about what this new season has to offer. With less than a month away from November, players are starting conditioning and getting ready to beat their opponents on the court. The Suncoast Chargers are going to dominate like never before with new players, mindsets and goals for this upcoming basketball season.

“Last season wasn’t what we expected due to the pandemic. This year I’m looking forward to my team truly showcasing and having fun throughout the season,” Coach Powell expressed.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still impacting schools, playing this season may be a bit different. Schools have to maintain their coronavirus protocols in order to even be considered a playing opponent. If staff and students take proper precautions, there is a chance of having a regular basketball season. Additionally, masks will be required for basketball games and tickets are to be purchased prior to arriving at any of the games this season. 

“I am excited to play since now I feel like the school has Covid under control now and there are fewer restrictions. Last year, the masks were really annoying to play with since we’re running around and sweating,” Gaby Torres, shooting guard, said.

Last season, the Suncoast Chargers were devastated at the fact that they could not play a normal amount of games. With some schools not playing at all and others not taking the proper precautions, it was difficult to find the right opponents. Regardless of this setback, the Chargers maintained a strong winning streak and are ready for an even greater comeback.

 “I’m really looking forward to playing with my guys ‘cause last year we only had half a season. We only got to play like 10 games, so I really didn’t get to play with them. This year, I hope we get to play more games and have a whole bunch of fun. I’m playing this season because Coach Powell is a great coach and I wanted to join the rest of my friends that came to play at Suncoast too,” sophomore Stone Bureau, point guard, stated.

While some are still upset about last season, others have decided to put more passion into their goals for this season. With a winning streak of over 70 percent last season, the Chargers are beyond capable of succeeding in the next season. This type of good fortune has not been achieved since the 2016 basketball season. 

“I want to win states this season and get to play with my friends. Besides Suncoast, I also play for Nightrydas Elite Basketball Team. I chose to play for them [Suncoast] this season because they have a good education system and a couple of my friends were also coming along with me,” sophomore Ian Smikle, center, said.

Along with this high winning streak, the team also has some additional players. One of these players is Jeremiah Police, who previously played at Royal Palm High School, but transferred to Suncoast just in time for this new season. As the Charger team continues to expand and excel, there is no telling what the future will hold. If the good work is kept up, they will have a chance to win the state championship.

“I want to have a great season with my teammates. I came to Suncoast because it is better academically and athletically. I also play for a travel team called Team Breakdown,” Jeremiah Police, power forward, answered. 

All in all, it is safe to say that the new basketball season is highly anticipated. The Charger’s preparedness and well-coaching will allow them to triumph in the upcoming season. Can’t wait to see all the hot shots that the players have in store!