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The rise to fame for three young streamers.

February 10, 2021

As we entered quarantine in March 2020, many looked desperately for new things to do to entertain themselves. A large number of people began to turn to the app TikTok, where a person can publish a video of up to sixty seconds for anyone to see. That being said, the video does not have to be original, so long as credit is given. That is exactly how three Twitch streamers began their climb to the top.

In the early months of quarantine, the once small fan base of  Twitch streamer and YouTuber Dream began reposting some of his content with two of his close friends, GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap. It only took a few months for the team of three to quickly blow up and begin covering most of the app. 

The team came to be many years ago when Dream, age 21, whose real name is Clay, was about ten. He was on a Minecraft server where he met Sapnap, age 19, whose real name is Nick. Sapnap asked in the public chat on the game if anyone wanted to talk and play with him and Dream was the first to respond. The pair played together after that until eventually the duo became a trio as Dream then became friends with GeorgeNotFound, age 23, whose real name is George, years later. 

From then on, they were the self-proclaimed  “Dream Team” when playing together due to their shared skills at the game. Although there are many reasons that people watch them, a large margin is due to the streamers’ habit of keeping up with their fans and staying relatable, which is easy to do at such young ages.

Sophomore Lilly Docekal said, “They gave me something to do during quarantine and something to look forward to.”

 For many people, including Docekal, watching the streamers play the popular game Minecraft provided a comedic release from the stress of what was happening in the world. In fact, Dream went from one million subscribers in December of 2019 to about 12.7 million subscribers in just under a year due to his new-found fan base. GeorgeNotFound racked up four million subscribers and Sapnap has earned just under two million subscribers. 

The team did not only gain the attention of the public, but also gained attention from already famous streamers and youtubers. They have collaborated with big content creators such as James Charles, CaptainSparklez, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, and Mr. Beast. 

Junior Liam Farrell said, “I found Dream from watching a Mr. Beast video and started watching [them] because they make really interesting and funny content. When I couldn’t see my friends, I could just watch Dream fool around with his friends.”

As time goes on, no one can tell where the Dream Team may end up next or who fans will see them collaborate with, but one thing is for sure: because of their grand impact on their fans, their fame will not be faltering any time soon.

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