Source: North Kansas City Hospital
Source: North Kansas City Hospital


Students' plans to stay safe for the holidays.

December 17, 2020

The holidays are just around the corner, which means students will be visiting family, hanging out with friends and traveling. But is this safe? Families have had to make changes to their traditional holiday plans and come up with new ways to celebrate the holidays while staying safe.   

Even though there is a pandemic, families are still traveling to different states, as opposed to staying home. There have been mixed emotions about this, some people are fine with not traveling and think it is the safer route; however, other people think that just because there is a pandemic, it does not mean people should not see their family.

Sophomore Ava Iuliani said, “It will always be safer to stay home, but we have to learn to live our lives as normally as possible and kind of work with the virus.” Iuliani continues to say, “sooner or later we are going to have to get over the fact that this is our life for the moment and just to take the precautions that are necessary but still enjoy our lives.” 

Iuliani will be traveling to a different state, but is taking the precautions to stay safe. Instead of traveling by plane, she will be driving instead, which is a safer alternative for her family but both flying and driving are still very dangerous during a pandemic. 

Sophomore Kate Deparelta agrees with Iuliani. Deparelta said, “I think it is definitely safer to stay home, but traveling can also be done if you are following guidelines and actively trying to stay safe.” 

Deparelta’s family is trying to stay away from traveling by plane and is following the guidelines to actively try to stay safe. Her family aims to go on road trips because they feel it is safer for them. They are wearing masks, staying six feet apart, washing their hands, and doing activities outside and in nature to guarantee a safe trip, 

Other students have different outlooks on traveling. Sophomore Robert Smith said, “I don’t think that it is safe to travel because you are putting other people in danger.” Smith’s family will not be traveling this year, but has traveled in the past when COVID-19 was not a threat. This year, Smith is distancing himself from unnecessary travel to avoid human contact because he feels it is dangerous. 

If Smith were to travel he would be very meticulous when planning out his itinerary. He would ensure that his family would be able to follow the CDC guidelines to the extreme extent  to make sure that he and his family were not at risk. 

Due to the lack of traveling, people are going to miss out on holiday traditions, but people think that traditions are the least of our worries. Smith said, “Looking at the situation as a whole it is sad, but a lot more sadness is prevented when we endure temporary discomfort.”  

Students at Suncoast have made sure they are staying safe and know the risks of traveling. Before traveling this holiday season, it is important to ask yourself how much danger you are putting yourself and others in.


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