Source: Chatham Borough
Source: Chatham Borough


How important is voting?

October 27, 2020

Voting is a very important structure in society. Many high school students may not understand the importance of voting or even consider researching further into the topic of voting for a better understanding. 

Just one vote in millions of votes can change the balance of what is to come. There have been some borderline close elections in the history of the U.S. One’s vote may not directly affect the election of the president, however, it does play a part in deciding the electoral results. If one’s vote joins with enough votes from others in the district/county, the vote will majorly affect the situation. For instance, according to National Geographic, Al Gore lost the electoral college vote to George W. Bush only by a tiny scale. The election had to be recounted in Florida, due to a Florida state law that machines must recount all of its votes, if the margin of victory is less than 0.5 percent. Which shows how one’s vote is vital and could possibly change the results of an entire election.

“I feel that voting is imperative for our society. It can change the way our government is constructed and bring about real change, that is great for our communities and overall society. Voting is absolutely important, every vote counts. Although sometimes it does not feel like it, an individual’s vote can be the tipping scale that pushes us into the world of real change and progression,” senior Emily Ayala said.

While many high school students might not understand the importance of voting, some students do recognize the significance and are looking forward to voting. Paying attention and reading into voting and how it works is necessary.

“Yes, I registered the day I turned 16. I’m so excited to vote and use my voice,” senior Carly Docekal said.

According to an article on usa gov, in Florida, an individual may pre-register to vote at the age of 16, showing that Florida high school students must start to grasp the concept and additional information on voting. However, this does not mean that high school students under the age of 16 should not be involved in getting insight into the subject of voting. Knowing the issues in your community on topics, such as transportation, technology, and the environment, could help one know which candidate to vote for, which is crucial in the terms of voting. 

“I like being involved as someone who can represent my community as a voter and I think the ability to get involvement into the heads of young minds is important as it improves future generations of voters and even their country,” senior Andrew Montana said.

Voting for the right candidate with similar interests can majorly improve the community in one’s best interest. For instance, if there is a concern with issues on teenagers having to deal with depression or anxiety, choosing the proper candidate with an interest in solving these issues would be beneficial. Voting can express one’s opinion on many concerns.  These opinions perhaps could lead to a change in improving one’s community, ranging from choosing where to place a new school to healthcare system outcomes. Therefore, having knowledge and understanding about voting is very crucial and valuable.


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