Photo by Sebastian Aponte
Photo by Sebastian Aponte


How distance learning affects students.

December 1, 2020

The sound and color of booming fireworks fills the night sky. It is midnight. 2020 has been a rough, bumpy ride for most people. It started with wildfires in Australia, the death of Kobe, an idol to many, a global pandemic, murder hornets and many more difficult situations. Yet, most students would say that distance learning is the roughest part of their year.

In March 2020, students were sent home and tried to get used to a new normal. Students did not get to see their friends, get in-person help from teachers or make memories like they used to. For extroverts, this was extremely difficult for them and continued distance learning is not making it any easier.

Senior Andrew Montana said, “I feel it’s not as fun as regular school because I’m missing the social aspect of it.”

Seniors are also upset because it is their last year in high school and they are not able to make the memories they had hoped for. It is supposed to be their most memorable year. 

Some students returned to campus on Sept. 21, 2020, one of which was Senior Sierra Robinson. “I came back because I know virtual school would not work for me in the long run and also to see my friends,” Robinson said. 

Students also said other struggles included not being able to eat in class and the exhaustion that follows after going up and down the stairs with a mask. Schools have been strict with the mask policy and students understand that it is necessary but feel uncomfortable.

Senior Carmen Ones, who stayed home, said, “it’s harder to concentrate, there is potential for many other distractions, and many technical difficulties that interfere with the efficiency of the lessons.”

Many have said they agree that distance learning has made them not take their education seriously.  Students have said that although distance learning is rough and confusing, it seems to be getting better. Many are looking forward to going back in the weeks following Sept. 21, 2020 and getting back to the school activities they are used to.

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