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Introverts are surviving and thriving being stuck inside.

October 29, 2020

In recent months, with Covid-19 rampaging across the globe, many governments have enforced rules like social distancing and limited crowds to keep everyone safe. This comes at the cost of social interaction. For some, they enjoy their time spent alone, while others are dying to leave their home and meet up with some friends.

Introverts do enjoy social interactions with people. They just need time to recharge their batteries after doing so. It helps them to be able to go back out again and meet new people. When in social interactions, introverts will try to speak to only a few people (around two or three) and make strong connections with them, rather than meeting five to ten people and having surface level interactions. 

“Being an introvert has its perks and can sometimes cause me to feel left out or alone in some situations because I am scared to talk to people. I can stay out of situations that I’d rather not be in, and it allows me to listen better,” junior Aisha Ahmed said.

There are no set qualifications or rules for someone to be an introvert. It is like a spectrum; you can be introverted and have extroverted tendencies or you could act in a different manner depending on the situation. While many people tend to gravitate towards those who are on a similar side of the spectrum, one can still get along with and enjoy the company of people who are on the opposite side.

Because of quarantine people have had to rely more on technology to connect with those who they might not be able to see in person. Utilizing apps like Zoom and Google Meet, makes it easy to connect with friends while still being physically distant. For some this is a blessing, but for others they miss the face to face interaction and going out to other places.

Instead of going to social settings, introverts usually prefer to stay home and relax doing things they enjoy, like watching Netflix and scrolling through Instagram. This can cause the feeling of isolation, as they tend to stay home and not go out.

“Yes, I can feel lonely in social situations if I have nothing to contribute or new people are talking to some friends and I. I also spend most of my time on many forms of social media which can make me feel isolated,” junior Hunter Rossi said.

       Since quarantine had most people staying inside and social distancing, introverts had time to focus on themselves. It makes it easier for them to recharge after an interaction as they have more time to do what they enjoy, like hobbies. 

         “During quarantine I was able to focus a lot on myself mentally and work on my own things alone. I was okay for the most part, as I spent most of my time doing hobbies,” sophomore Madeline Kleinknecht said. 

Most schools opened back up in late September 2020. Students had two options, either go physically or continue virtual learning. Most Introverts were not jumping at the opportunity to go brick and mortar as it can be stressful and not give them time to recharge. 

While an introvert may feel isolated in social situations being online can help them cope or it be another fun thing they like to do. Going back to school could either cause that feeling or make it worse. Quarantine has affected everyone, and the introverts have thrived using the time to focus on themselves while still keeping a social life with their friends.

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