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Staying positive is one way we can get through life’s challenges.

November 24, 2020

Take a look at this picture. It may look normal to you, but in fact it is very rare. Now take a closer look. To me, this picture symbolizes a lot of what is going on in 2020. Do you notice how there is a rainbow in the midst of an overcast? Even in the midst of all that is happening in 2020, there is always room for hope, which is rare. There have been a number of situations this year where people have been able to overcome many different obstacles. Just like the rainbow showing up in an overcast, society has proven that we can definitely overcome many issues if we put our minds to it.

Since the beginning of this year, everyone worldwide has been trying their best to find and regulate ways to be safe and use precautions in this pandemic. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused many deaths, illnesses, separation of families, the loss of numerous jobs, cancellations of events, the closing down of businesses and limitations in social gatherings; However, society did not let these things stop them from making a change in their communities. People decided to wear masks to keep each other safe. Professional sports organizations have been playing without fans to help stop the spread. Many institutions are encouraging people to practice social distancing with signs all over many areas like doors, windows, billboards, commercials and on the ground. Through collective actions globally, millions of lives are being saved because people
are taking responsibility.

In addition, racial tension has been the topic of the year, rising more than ever before. There have been many shootings, police brutality cases, looting of buildings and properties, thousands of protests and a lot of anger and sadness. It has grown to the point where every nation across the world is demanding justice for all people of color. In light of this, the lives of African
Americans have become a movement to give recognition to their names. Laws have been created to help improve police relations within our communities. More organizations and businesses are bringing attention to the issue by pledging support, giving out information to help and standing by the movement.

Furthermore, due to COVID-19, many schools have transitioned to online school this year. This has presented a challenge to many students who may find it difficult to learn without face-to-face instruction. There is a loss of social interaction between students, the reduced activity of not being as active while at school and the class of 2020 did not even get to have a real graduation, nor a prom. Instead, they had to attend a virtual graduation without the feeling of walking across the stage, which every student dreams of. Despite the challenges, many students have found a benefit to online learning. Students have found it a pleasure to learn while being in the comfort of their homes. Suncoast junior Demaris Wiley expressed that she feels “organized and less stressed while at home.” A lot of students do not feel confined to having to take classes at school, as they can take their classes from anywhere with their laptops and internet connection. The benefit to virtual learning is that resources are now at a student’s fingertips. Students have access to their emails, classes, textbooks, educational videos, and live chat
sessions. A lot of things cannot be achieved in a typical class setting, so this is a plus.

So do you understand the concept now? It can be the most horrendous thing to take place, but with determination, unity, and persistence, anything is possible. People have proven themselves to be the rainbow in the midst of an overcast and it shows through their accomplishments. Taking the initiative only starts with one person and then it multiplies, creating an overflow of colors in the rainbow. If you have a cloudy day, just remember that there is always room over the rainbow to start something new and to bring a tap of light out of the darkness.


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