Photo by Sandra Do
Photo by Sandra Do


Having a sense of false hope can negatively affect your mental health.

October 1, 2020

Picture sitting in the car going home from school, as you are thinking about the heaps of homework due for each class. It is already late afternoon and you have just finished going to a club or sport’s practice. You hope that you are going to finish your homework soon to be able to get some sleep since the exhaustion is catching up with you. Hoping for something to happen, may sound familiar to many. The word hope is an expectational or ideal way for something to occur. There is true hope, and then there is false hope. However having false hope can cause issues and complications.

Hope pops up in our minds daily. Hopes like hoping for a friend to fail the test as well, is something that will not benefit you. It causes a feeling of hope that cannot be is not beneficial to either person and is not deadline driven for yourself. 

“I would say online school is stressful because it’s kind of new territory for many students, for me in specific. I am new to the school so it’s definitely more stressful than it normally would be in person but I hope the longer that I stay on virtual the easier it will get,” sophomore Emily Duckman said.

A false hope such as hoping that one could just get 100 percent on the final exam without even a minute of studying is something that could lead to future issues or stress since one was not prepared. Stress is unhealthy for any human being. Stress can also come in many forms. According to the American Psychological Association, the forms of stress include acute stress, episodic stress, and chronic stress. Stressing from false hope can not only be extremely stressful depending on the situation but also allow room for future issues to evolve.

Suncoast Counselor Lisa Gooch posted a “Coping with Stress” post on google classroom. This post included a “How to Cope with Anxiety: 8 Tips to Help Your Teen” article.

Gooch posted this article since many students do deal with stress. The amounts of stress on a student can vary; however, the amount of stress an individual may have still causes some tension on one’s mind. 

“I’m not stressed out about online school in particular, but I stress myself out with school in general because I put a lot of pressure on myself. I try to be very involved while still managing my work. I often get anxious that I’m not doing enough and that I should be doing more so it’ll look good for college, because as I’m sure you know at Suncoast they stress credits so you’ll have better opportunity. I guess to sum it all up, managing everything on my plate is the hardest thing when it comes to school,” sophomore Eli Farrel said.

To avoid stress or cause negativity to flourish in one’s mind, stop conjuring up false hope that would not help benefit anyone. Thinking of this unnecessary hope can possibly increase stress levels. If you are feeling stressed about online school or school in general, some people you can contact are counselors, a trusted adult, or even a trusted friend. 

“I talk to my friends whenever I feel stressed about school, and I hope to start using a planner to keep up with everything easier,” sophomore Xavier Foman said. 

Interpreting the type of hope can be very hard to determine sometimes, whether it is true hope or false hope. The concept of hope is difficult to be subjected to a piece of paper. Hoping and feeling confident about something that might not be true can simply cause one’s emotions to feel the dangerous effects of false hope. Our emotions are ingrained in us, so with false hope it can cause negative effects on one’s mind.

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