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Girls Flag Football Team

April 5, 2020

“Flag football has taught me many life lessons. It taught me to keep on trying no matter how hard it seems because when you make mistakes, you just have to keep your head up, learn but don’t forget, and move on,” Ava Black, a junior who plays safety and wide receiver for the flag football team said. 

Flag football requires stamina, quick thinking, and agility. It is a demanding sport that calls for constant practice. The girls on the team practice every day and have a lot of conditioning. Practice always starts with running three laps and warming up with basic stretching. Then, players run routes, practice flag pulling drills, and go over the line up for the upcoming game. 

“My biggest challenge playing flag football is communicating with my other teammates to make sure every zone of the field is covered, while on defense. Flag football has taught me that with the support of friends and teammates, any skill can be developed with lots of practice,” Nalini Persaud, a junior on the varsity flag football team said.

A big portion of flag football is being able to work as a team. Also, It is important the players maintain a level of trust that enables them to be a team. The girls’ flag football team has developed a bond that allows them to depend on each other when it is needed most. Communication is key to the game, otherwise, players would not know where to be on the field and not cover all their zones.  

“With many new players, we spend a lot of our practices teaching the positions and rules of the game to the rookies. All of the veterans assist the coaches in teaching others and we always give advice whenever we can. At first, it was kinda hard to teach everyone all there is to know about flag football, but it got easier as they began to understand what each position does and what each thing means,” Black expressed. 

With new players joining the varsity and JV teams, experienced players are left teaching them the rules of the game. With more training and practice the players on the JV team will eventually move to varsity and take the place of graduating seniors. The experienced players often assist the coaches in teaching and also help give advice that helps improve the new players.

  “I have really high hopes for this season because the graduating seniors combined with the juniors create a really dynamic team. This is the best team we’ve had in a long time and I think we could make it to regional again and hopefully win states from there,” Persaud explained.

 The Varsity team had high hopes for this season, but unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus, the season was canceled.  Because of the pandemic the team can not practice together or meet up but are hopeful for next year. 


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