Croc Takeover

Crocs are making a comeback in the current generations fashion.

April 4, 2020

Although Crocs have been considered an ugly shoe in the past, and still are considered an ugly shoe, teenagers are bringing them back in style. A lot of our fellow classmates and staff have even stepped onto this surprising trend train.

According to Piper Jaffray’s spring survey, Crocs is the 13 most popular footwear brand among average-income female teenagers. The shoe has taken a massive jump forward after being ranked No. 38 back in the spring of 2017. Crocs are a clog shaped shoe that were designed to be lightweight and waterproof for boaters.
They are made of a special type of foam resin known as ‘Croslite’ or ‘Levirex’, which is an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) material, and it is soft and light-weight, which makes them comfortable to wear. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles with even some versions featuring no holes.

“I always thought they were ugly, but then everyone started wearing them and I wanted a pair for myself,” freshman Tajiri Green said.

Besides the shoes being comfortable and affordable, Crocs have become popular through the spread of social media. Children typically want to be different and unique so they buy things not a lot of people are interested in such as Crocs. They then style the item in a way that makes it seem cute or cool that grabs the attention of others. Once more and more people start buying the item it becomes a trend to have it (in this case it would be Crocs). Not only through social media, but the shoe has gained popularity through the way teenagers, especially teenage girls, can decorate them however they want with the Jibbitz charms. The Jibbitz charms allow people to express themselves by giving them the freedom to put whatever charm they want on their Crocs and be able to take them off at any time.

“I like Crocs, I feel like they’re different and cute,” freshman Aniya Young said.

A lot of students at our school have hopped onto this new trend and even put their own touch to wearing the shoes. Some may prefer to wear the strap in the front while others may prefer to wear it to the back or in “sports mode”. They may prefer to wear the Jibbitz charms, they may prefer to wear them plain, with socks, or maybe even without socks. Nobody discriminates based on how you wear your Crocs. It is very common for anyone to walk through the hallways and see people wearing them in many different ways.

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