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College App Dilemmas

The cost of college before you even get in.

December 29, 2019


For seniors, it is college application time! Most Florida schools’ application deadlines are in November, such as the University of Florida and Florida State University, so most seniors are in the process of checking, editing or filling out their applications. These applications, which will determine students’ futures, come with a high level of strain, both financially and mentally.
It is obvious that college applications equal stress. “I’ve been working on my applications since the beginning of summer and I’m still not quite finished yet, they’re extremely nerve wracking to fill out,” senior Liel Shamash said. Completing applications is a long, tedious process where you have to account for everything you have accomplished throughout your high school career, where all your hard work matters and can be flaunted.
However, because these applications are due in the middle of the school year, some students are having trouble scheduling time for school work and their college applications.
“As an IB student, this is the most stressed I have ever been,” senior Emily Espinosa said. “My IB workload is overwhelmingly heavy which leaves me minimal time to work on my college apps.”
There is a consensus among Suncoast seniors that this time of the year is the most difficult, and the constant deadlines from teachers turns into procrastinating college applications, which leads to stress.
“I think teachers should take into consideration that seniors are overloaded with college things, and they should allot time for us to focus on these applications that ultimately decide our future,” Espinosa said.
Because college applications are so important, they have put loads of stress and nerves on seniors. Some have even procrastinated due to fear of the idea of growing up and going to college.
Not only are applications stressful, but extremely costly as well. Everything that has to do with applying to college costs money, whether it is ordering your transcripts, buying the applications, or sending SAT and ACT scores. “Sending my ACT score was super expensive because colleges require you to pay to send every individual score[…]” Shamash said. “I paid $130 to send my scores to 10 schools.”
“I applied to 15 schools and applications cost between 30-80 dollars, I had to pay most of them myself, but I got many fee waivers that helped reduce the price,” senior William Rider said.
Fee waivers are the most efficient way to make the application process more affordable. You must apply to see if you are eligible to get one to use it. “It’s expensive but worth it, I already received my first acceptance letter which was the best feeling ever,” Rider said.
Former senior class president and Suncoast alumni Fabrice Lamour now attends the University of Central Florida and recalls his application process.
“I spent so much time and money on college apps, there were some schools that accepted me that were too expensive for me to attend,” he said, “but it was all worth it because I enjoy every minute here at UCF.”
Despite the impending stress that comes with the college application process, it helps to know that many students feel the same way and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel — receiving those acceptance letters.
Wishing this year’s seniors luck on their applications, and remember, do not procrastinate and get those fee waivers!

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Valentina Jaramillo is a senior in the IB program. This is her first year writing as a staff writer for The Legend. She enjoys painting, writing, and going to the beach. She is a part of the Latin Dance club and president of the Cards For Kids Club.

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