The simple steps to follow to get onto your “For You” page.

December 30, 2019

As many may know, Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps available, trending on the App Store and Google Play Store and having everyone obsessed. Byteforce, the creator of Tik Tok, purchased the lip-sync app Musical.ly in 2017 and merged the apps together, skyrocketing the popularity of Tik Tok immensely. Although the app is nothing new to most, new trends have begun and many new users have joined. However, the most common thing people want when they make a Tik Tok is to be on the “For You” page, which even though may seem impossible, can be easily achieved by following these quick and easy steps. 

Step One: Finding Your Inspiration

A simple way to find inspiration when making a Tik Tok is to just scroll through your own For You page. 

Austin Armbruster, a fellow Suncoast student and “one hit wonder Tik Tok star” said, “My friends help me, and I get ideas from copying other peoples’; I look at other peoples’ ideas and put a twist on them.”

Another way to easily get an idea of what to make is to scroll through the numerous dance trends on the app. Hundreds of people each day post different variations of short dances to song clips, all of which go viral very quickly. 

In order to get your Tik Tok on the For You page, you must keep up with the trends. Recently, many trends involve making point of view, or “POV”  videos. Many For You pages are also filled with food recipes and tutorials for simple snacks and meals. 

Step Two: Adding Your Personal Touch

Once you’re finished filming your Tik Tok, a way to make it more unique is to add your own quirky edits. Tik Tok offers various effects and filters, all of which can be used to make your video stand out to viewers. Some common effects most viral Tik Tok users use is the “Earthquake” effect or the “Face Tracking” effect, both of which can aid in your Tik Tok’s success. 

Step Three: Using Hashtags

The simplest way to get your Tik Tok on the For You page is to use the hashtags “#fyp” and “#foryou” in the caption of the video. By doing this, you have the best chance of Tik Tok putting your video on the For You page, hopefully causing it to get numerous likes and comments. Also, when you go to type your caption for your video, if you type in the hashtag symbol, many popular and trending hashtags will pop up. By using one of these it is more likely that more people will view your Tik Tok.

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Maya Calderon is a staff writer for The Legend and an IB Senior. When she is in school she enjoys taking part in Student Government and Dance Marathon. She spends her time outside of school hanging out with her friends and dogs and watching Netflix.

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