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Fashion throughout the decades has made a comeback.

December 25, 2019


Low rise jeans, dresses over the jeans and cropped jackets were some of the most popular styles during Y2k (the year 2000), while plaid skirts, flannels and overalls are some of the styles that the 90s are known for. These styles have been worn by celebrities and seen on tv influencing some of the styles worn by teens and young adults today. Clothes worn by teens today are a mixture of styles from the 90s, 80s, Y2k, the 70s and many others, and teens have even combined styles from different decades to create their own style.

Influences from the 90s

Shows such as Friends, 90210-all shows from the 90s- and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air have influenced some of the styles worn by teens today:

Beverly Hills 90210: Characters Brenda Walsh, Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin sported styles such as tiny crop tops, overalls and round sunglasses which can be seen among teens and young adults today. 

FriendsInfluences from Friends mostly come from the crazy hairstyles the characters wore, but Rachel, Phoebe and Monica had wardrobes full of slip dresses, fitted t-shirts and tank tops.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Although Hilary Banks, who always dressed from head-to-toe in blazer and skirt suits, is seen as the ‘fashionista’ of the show. Most teens, however, have taken their style influence from Will, who wore bright colors, crazy patterns and Nike shoes.


Influences from the 2000s

Sex and the City: Carrie Bradshaw- one of the show’s protagonists- pioneered some of the trends that are worn today. Bradshaw created the trend of “high-low” dressing where an expensive item is paired with one that is inexpensive. Other characters such as Samantha, who clashed prints, and Charlotte, who wore clean lines with classic silhouettes, also influenced some of today’s fashion trends. 

Mean Girls: Miniskirts, velour track-suits, mini-handbags, crop tops and low rise jeans are iconic styles worn by Regina, Karen, Gretchin and Cady in Mean Girls. The bright pink worn by these four girls is also worn by teens and young adults on Wednesdays and every October 3.


Influences Today

Most of the trends worn today are a mixture of styles from past decades and influences for the trends seen today come from celebrities themselves. Stars such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have brought back certain trends such as biker shorts, all-over animal print, clear heels and latex clothing.

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