Everything to know about the rules and necessities.

April 4, 2019

As the day of graduation grows closer, there is one event that the seniors are looking forward to: Grad Bash. Grad Bash is a senior event that Universal Studios hosts every year and a multitude of schools attend. It includes access to both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, street entertainment, live DJs and more. Seniors are allowed entry to the parks at 7 pm on April 12, and lasts until 2 am April 13.

Students will be traveling to the event through the school’s provided transportation, as the students are not allowed to drive there themselves. Before departure, administration will be checking for any contraband and students are required to comply with the school dress code in order to attend. If a student is caught with contraband while in the parks, they will be escorted out immediately. Their parent would be required to drive to Orlando in order to pick them up and their school’s administration will dole out the punishment at a later date. Upon arrival, seniors will be given their tickets and a colored wristband, which correlates to the region they departed from, so that they can be directed to their pick up location if needed. It would be best if students took a picture of their ticket, so that they can still enter the park if they lose it; it happens every year. Seniors are not permitted to leave the parks early, they must depart with their schools, unless their parent picks them up with permission from the Grad Bash team and their school administration. Students will arrive back to school around 5 am.

One of the most common items brought to Grad Bash is a fanny pack because it is small, light and could be wrapped around the waist without any weight. Fanny packs are not only for girls, though guys may think they are. It can be a convenience for anyone who is walking around all day and riding multiple roller coasters. Fanny packs can hold extra cash, portable chargers, and extra snacks.

Nothing could go wrong with bringing an extra snack for the ride up to Universal. Snacks that make the least amount of crumbs are recommended, because nobody wants to ride in a dirty bus nor clean up the mess. The ride to Universal Studios is three hours long, so seniors will get hungry and it will not be a pretty sight.

Also, having a portable charger can come in handy when someone’s phone gets a notification saying there is only 20 percent left of battery from only the bus ride there. Portable chargers that can hold up to three charges or more are recommended because when pictures and videos are taken by the students, it can drain their battery.

If the seniors decide to participate in any of the wet rides, bringing extra clothes would be recommended as well. Rides such as Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges and Jurassic Park have a high chance of getting the passengers soaked. Staying in wet clothes for the rest of the night is NOT recommended. Universal Studios and Island of Adventures provide multiple concession stands selling souvenirs, accessories, and food. Bringing about 20 or more dollars would be recommended to spend wisely on the park’s merchandise. Another option for food is buying a Universal Dining Card, it only costs $17.04 (tax inclusive). It provides an entrée combo platter, a combo extra and drink. Hopefully, this helped some of the seniors who were struggling to pack for the Grad Bash trip. Enjoy!

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