Senior year is the most expensive year in high school.

April 10, 2019

The thoughts that typically surround a student’s senior year are the ideas of homecoming, prom, grad bash and finally receiving the cap and gown. This can be one of the most exciting points in a student’s high school career. Especially for Suncoast students as they get to have fun and it allows them to spend time with their friends. While the excitement builds around what is coming, there is a small detail that is often forgotten, which is the cost of all these activities. The price of senior year can weigh down the excitement that usually accompanies all of the activities.

There are some students who do not have to worry about how expensive senior year is, yet there are many students who have to pay for their own expenses. Students who work minimum wage jobs, unless they have saved money, may not be able to afford everything that the senior year includes, thus leading to the possibility of those students missing out on some of the greatest experiences of their high school career.

There are many solutions for students to avoid the stress of trying to figure out how to pay for all of the items that come with senior year. Students can begin to plan ahead by establishing which events and activities they plan to attend. Doing this can prepare students to start saving money and figuring out how much money to set aside for each event or activity. Thus, lessening the amount of stress that some students would face otherwise.

For those who have the extra money to spend, could possibly donate a little to help out a friend in need. But becaue that ideas is so far fetched, the fun of senior year can turn into a lot of stress when students try to figure out how to cover all of the costs of senior year. One solution to this is having a part time job. However, as a full time student working offers some pros and cons. Some pros of making one’s own money is being able to somewhat support themselves. Yet, one of the cons of working while students are still in school is that it only adds to the stress of trying to balance school, work and money.

Everything comes at a price; some items being more expensive than others, like a graduation gown that costs $75, if not more, to be worn for an hour and returned forever. Yet, if a student wishes to walk across the stage, then the fee must be paid. While this does not make much sense, it is all part of the senior year experience. It is unsettling to know that some students may not have this opportunity due to a financial situation that is out of one’s control.

Senior year is not only a prime time in the lives of many students, but it also holds many experiences and memories that students will hold on to and remember for many years. The final year of high school can limit the options and opportunities for many students and cause certain students to have to make sacrifices because of financial limitations. This should not be the case, but unfortunately this happens each year, but with a little planning, paying for the activities can be manageable.

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