As 2018 approaches an end students offer their opinions on what.

January 15, 2019

The world has been faced with a plethora of changes. Whether social or political, these changes have affected everyone in numerous ways. As the New Year approaches, students reflect on certain events that occurred throughout 2018 and offer input on what should be altered in society for the upcoming year.

“One major event that impacted my perspective of the world this year is the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. More than 17 people, including students and teachers, lost their lives to a former student. The shooter was a white male and President Trump thought the best solution was mental help. (This showed me how many people nowadays think.) If it was anyone else of color or different race, there would be many things being done at this very moment.”
“What I believe should be changed in America alone is gun laws. I do not believe they should be banned because self-defense is important, however many people misuse the use of a gun. There should be stricter laws to regulate their use more efficiently. – Neha Pakala

“Something that had a major impact on my perspective of the world this year was the increase in police brutality. The number of people who have perished will never go down.
One thing that needs to be changed is the ignorance that people have about major topics that causes us not to be able to help make changes because all we do is sit and watch the news and bask in the violence due to our persistent ignorance.” – Jaden Jones

“I think humanity wise each and every person should make it a point to really try to understand other people before they make judgement on who that person is. Assessing a person’s circumstances and situations, then deciding on how to move forward with them. (Ties into Empathy so piece that together somehow) Regarding race, I would like for different cultures to try and understand one another, thus bringing upon a more unified world and diminishing the injustices and unnecessary divisions.” – Jonah Jean-Baptiste

“This year, taking Black/African-American studies has been something that’s impacted my life immensely. The class has not only taught me a lot about my history, but also about myself in this society. Taking this class put me into contact with many different people and their views that I don’t think would’ve been met otherwise. Although I don’t hold the same beliefs with some of the people in the class, these discussions helped me learn what it really means to help and educate others. I used to think spitting out more information than the last person, or embarrassing them intellectually was what made you smart and frankly better than others. But it doesn’t help anyone. I realized doing that creates spaces where people don’t feel like learning nor are they receptive to what you’re saying because they feel attacked. Now I try to listen with an open mind. Instead of going with the intention to change someone’s mind, I try to understand and hear what they are saying.”
“I am more so about power dynamics and the system changing rather than humanity changing. No one changes unless they want to. All we can do is give information and our views; it is completely up to them, whether they want to listen and understand what’s going on. We have to create spaces for ourselves and start building our own communities or get active and get people out of positions of power who can not or will not speak for all people especially concerning marginalized groups.
We have go to fight, people have to stop being afraid to call out people when they are in the wrong. We also have to obtain a “bigger person” mindset when people are being racist, queerphobic, sexist, and prejudiced. Justice and respect are not earned, they’re taken, and I am taking them by any means necessary.” – Francesca Peuguerro

“The event that impacted my perspective of the world this year is Donald Trump’s comments regarding the caravan transporting Mexicans. It is unbelievable how the president reacts to people trying to escape their negative atmosphere. What I think should be changed in the upcoming year is the amount of hate our country possesses.” – Deondre Perkins

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