Students tackle balancing school and a job.

October 30, 2018

It is finally the day you have been waiting for, and all of your hard work is about to pay off. You are getting your first paycheck; an experience many people never forget. Whether it is preparing food, bussing tables or restocking aisle four, juggling a part-time job along with school can be tough but rewarding.

For students, the struggle of balancing the rigor of academics along with the responsibility of having a job is challenging. Having a part-time job, though, can be beneficial to students in terms of finance and having a sense of purpose. It gives students experience and responsibility that is present in the work environment and gives them the satisfaction of doing service for others.

Many students who apply for a job do so with awareness of the stress that comes with balancing school and work. Junior Luke Hutchinson stated that working for Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf, “…takes time out of the weekend and homework, but [he] still finds a way to cope with it all.” He explained that having a job teaches him good time management skills, which are very useful for dealing with the workload in the International Baccalaureate program that he is in at school.

Makayla Marshall, a junior IB student, works two part-time jobs and still allows time for school work. “I work at Publix and Chipotle. While it definitely is a challenge, I enjoy being able to help others” she said. “In the beginning it seemed like a lot to handle, as it would for any teenager, but quickly helped me learn new studying techniques and coping mechanisms useful for the challenging academic culture.” Marshall said that the best time to do her school work is, “…during breaks and off hours,” which also helps her to procrastinate less and finish her work more efficiently.

For some students, having a job is strictly for the benefits. For Juniors Brooke Barbieri and Megan Brooks, who both work at ice cream shops, getting to work in food service allows for major benefits. According to Brooks, “I get a discount on ice cream whenever I want, and occasionally I’m able to get some pretty big tips from the satisfied customers.” For Barbieri, having a job allows her to save up for a car and her insurance. She said, “My parents won’t allow me to get a car until I have enough money for insurance, and having a job is an easy way to make money as quick as possible.” Working part-time allows Barbieri to learn the responsibilities of an adult, such as saving money and budgeting. She also uses the money that she earns to save for college.

Chris Castillo, a junior who worked as a Chipotle prep chef advised that, “…any student should get a job if they have the opportunity. It’s challenging, but it really makes you feel more mature, like an adult.” It keeps Suncoast students on track for success and adulthood. Junior, Barbara Castro-Schell, who works at Panera Bread said that, “It makes me learn the active life of a working adult.” This prepares students for what it may be like to have a job in college.

Although having a part-time job as a student may seem like a challenge, these students have proven its many benefits. It provides a sense of responsibility and skills that can be used for both school and the workplace in the future.

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