photo source: TIME magazine
photo source: TIME magazine


Top three destinations to travel during spring break.

October 25, 2018

Spring Break is one of the things that students always look forward to every year. It is the time of year that they are able to let loose and relax. Many students along with their families will take this time to journey to a different part of the world in order to experience new lifestyles and cultures. People often have a desire to travel outside of their own country in order to let their sense of adventure take over and experience their excitement waking up; life is too short to live the same day twice.The top three places that many people have claimed to be their favorite place to have visited are England, Iceland and Italy; each of these places are in consideration to be school trips taking place during this time.

There is no shortage of things one can do in England, one of the most popular tourist attractions being the city of London. For students who have never been to London, it is a great introduction into a different country. The city offers no language barrier and London is different enough from the United States that the student would experience things such as money conversion and exploring the subway systems. One can experience the cultural aspects of London, such as taking high tea while on the river Thames or exploring the history of the royals within Westminster Abbey. Students are also able to visit the places cited in history books, such as the Tower of London and Kensington Palace.

“Samuel Johnson once said, ‘the one who grows tired of London grows tired of life.’ There is always something to do. It is a vibrant, awesome city, with a rich history and culture. It is a great place for students to visit, it is really close to Oxford and Cambridge and Paris is just across the English Channel,” History of the Americas teacher, David Traill said.

Iceland is one of the most ironically named countries in the world, as it is a very lush and green place. One of the crowd favorites is the National Museum of Iceland, which displays the culture and heritage of the country, with artifacts dating back to the first Viking settlers. The Old Town district allows visitors to see the traditional architecture and their historic government building. Lake Tjörnin is a beautiful lake that surrounds the town. It is home to 50 different species of birds, some species that are only indigenous to Iceland.

“The topography was unreal, unlike any other place that I’ve been to in my life. When people visit Iceland, they get a sense that the world is a little bit smaller, in the sense that everyone is human beings and they find a way to cope with it,” Traill said.

The Renaissance is one of the major contributions to history that Italy is known for, making Italy an artist’s paradise. The Vatican is one of the two independent states in Italy that are home to many beautiful and famous artworks in the world; the most well known being the Sistine Chapel. It is composed of grand and complex architecture, coupled with Michelangelo’s artwork on the ceilings that depict the book of Genesis. It is one of the biggest artistic masterpieces in the world that will leave students breathless.

“You could lay down on the floor and stare at it for hours and still see something new every time you look at it. It was absolutely gorgeous,” senior Rileigh Hanley said.

If anybody is searching for the perfect place to relax and explore over the Spring Break, then these places

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