Students Might as Well Style their Dorms if they are Going to Spend Years in it.

May 9, 2018

Spending four years in high school and going off to college is a reality for many students. Many colleges require freshmen to reside in their dorms, and dorms have been proven in most cases to be less expensive compared to apartments. Dorms are also very convenient due to their proximity to classes and activities. Despite all these great qualities dorms are usually very cookie-cutter, empty and dull. Styling a dorm can help students organize and create a getaway from their new hectic lifestyle as a college student.
The first step for any dorm room is to get furniture. Ikea and Target are good places to start. Ikea sells many affordable furniture pieces ranging from various styles, as well as houseplants and knicknacks to brighten up and personalize gloomy dorm rooms. Target collaborates with numerous furniture brands to create practical and beautiful items, all at affordable prices. Target also sells many blankets, curtains, throw pillows and stylish baskets. These items can transform a room by adding layers and a pop of color. Both stores can have furniture items on clearance, which is very affordable for the college lifestyle. Craft stores like Michaels and Jo-Ann sell crafts and objects like stringed lantern lights that can brighten up a dorm.
Appliances in a college dorm room are basically an essential. Not everybody wants to walk all the way to the dining hall for oatmeal or a cup of coffee. A microwave is one of the most important appliances for a dorm room. It may be better to buy in store or on Amazon, or on another website with free shipping because shipping for some microwaves can cost up to $20, which defeats the purpose of getting a good deal. Same rules apply for mini fridges and numerous other appliances.
College is a great experience that changes people and prepares them for real life. While attending college, dorms will be where students spend most of their time. Making the most of where you live, sleep and study can improve mental stability and put people on the path to greatness.

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