The Brightline Train will provide an easy and fast way for tourists and students to travel.

March 7, 2018

Two pedestrians in Boynton Beach were hit and killed by The Brightline Train and one was hit in Fort Lauderdale but survived. This has caused many people to question the safety of the regulations and the train. All three pedestrians, however, have crossed the assigned barriers and thus the company cannot be blamed.


“The fact that these incidents are completely avoidable is what makes them tragedies. Obey the bells, lights and signs, and never try to beat a train.” Patrick Goddard. The president of Brightline and chief operating officer said.


The Brightline Train is a high speed train that will have stops in downtown Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando near the Orlando International Airport. It will take three hours from Miami to Orlando.


Brightline Train, which is a privately owned project, has been under construction for over a year and was opened to passengers at the end of 2017; however, only the West Palm Beach station and the Fort Lauderdale station are open and functioning right now. The Miami station is opening soon and the Orlando station is still under construction. Tickets from West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale are available starting from ten dollars.


Not only would the Brightline train make it easier for tourists to go from South Beach to Orlando, but it would also provide an easy way for any student who attends University of Central Florida to come home and visit. This train would help students and their families stay connected and see each other more often.


“The brightline is a major draw for UCF because it is much easier to come home if I ever get sick or I just need to come home, it’ll have me home in an hour and a half and I don’t have to drive all the way from Orlando back her and it’s just an easier way to travel.” senior Katie Scullstron said


Each guest is allowed to bring up to two carry-on items as long as they are less than 40 pounds each. They are also allowed one checked bag for free up to 50 pounds and any extra bags are five dollars each. Each guest can bring one pet or a service animal with them. Food and non-alcoholic drinks are also allowed on the train. Brightline does not allow kids under 13 years of age to travel unaccompanied. Tickets are reserved for specific rides and, if not used, they are expired.


The Brightline Train used 2000 miles of already existing freight line from Miami to Cocoa so there was very little new construction. It uses diesel-electric engines which run clean and quiet. It is also estimated that the train will remove 3 million cars from the streets which will benefit the environment greatly.

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