The usage of essential oils has a plethora of positive benefits on the body.

February 28, 2018

Rene-Maurice Gattefosse invented aromatherapy in 1937 after suffering from an incident that left him wondering whether essential oils like lavender would help heal his burn wound. French surgeon, Jean Valnet, followed suit and proved that aromatherapy does have some medicinal benefits. According to Oxford dictionary, aromatherapy is, “…the use of aromatic plant extracts for healing and cosmetic purposes.” The ways in which these plant extracts are utilized is through essential oil applicators. These essential oils can either be rolled onto the skin (as specified) or placed in a diffuser that dispenses the scent into the air. Certain essential oils are used for specified reasons; which can include stress relief, sickness and mental clarity. Here are a few essential oils that can be used to help maintain a stress-free lifestyle and mindset:

-To utilize these oils, you should purchase either a diffuser or roll-on oils to get these diverse benefits.-


For Studying:



Peppermint is probably the most diverse essential oil. People often recognize the distinguishable smell and the taste of this oil extract. In elementary schools, some teachers would even provide peppermint candies for children to focus and do well on standardized tests. Peppermint is scientifically proven to promote positivity and give people an extra boost to fulfill tedious activities (like studying). Peppermint can be diffused by itself or mixed with other oils to benefit the body. It is recommended that you apply the oil to the neck or head to get the full benefit.


Jasmine oil is also another essential oil that can help a students boost their concentration when studying. It can be used topically or with a diffuser. If used topically, one should rub it on the skin, to help increase energy. According to Dr. Axe, “[Jasmine Oil’s] active ingredients help increase heart rate, body temperature and brain activity that are needed for active learning and problem solving.” This can have huge benefits for those who need that extra boost of energy in order to function and get work done efficiently.


Relaxation/ De-Stress:



Lavender Oil is one of the basic essential oils that can be used for multiple purposes. For relaxation, lavender helps to alleviate stress and promotes calmness. If one plays an instrument, a good idea  is to infuse lavender oil into polyester gloves and wear them 30 minutes before performing. This helps diminish the nerves and stage fright. Use this if you have to do presentations in front of an audience as well. It can be topical (placed on the skin) or aromatic (through the use of a diffuser).

Sweet Orange-

Sweet Orange has a rather “fruitier” smell. Analogous to lavender oils, sweet orange oils offer the same benefits and even ensures a sweet smell when used with a diffuser. It is good to use in the morning to “start your day off right”, but it can cause light sensitivity if topically used. So try to use Sweet Orange with a diffuser rather than straight on the skin.


Immune Defense:


Frankincense Oil-

Frankincense Oil has multitudes of benefits that fall under the “Immune Defense” category. Frankincense helps prevent illnesses, can kill harmful bacteria, balances hormone levels, helps with sleep deficiency. In preventing illnesses, this oil extract can be used to prevent germs from sufficing in the body and even in a home. Flu and Cold germs can also be killed with the use of this essential oil. For females, balancing hormone levels through the use of frankincense can, “reduce symptoms” that correlate with menstruation and menopause. Lastly, insomnia or sleep deficiency can be aided with frankincense, because it helps to open your breathing passageways and get rid of the pain that might be built up (preventing you from going to sleep).

Oregano Oil Extract-

Oregano is also great for defending the body from harmful germs and bacteria. With the flu becoming more widespread, the usage of oregano can be beneficial to prevent viral infections and strengthen the body’s immunity to colds, measles and more. It also helps soothe many kinds of inflammation. Some of which can include: redness, joint pain, and irritation. If one has allergy problems, oregano is great in giving relief from allergic reactions.


There are many more aspects to using essential oils and practicing aromatherapy, however, the few that were mentioned above are definitely great starters for those who are looking to attain a peaceful mindset, body and soul. Aromatherapy guide books can be found anywhere, however, there are some free websites that are resourceful also. Websites that are highly recommended in regards to learning more about aromatherapy include:


*Disclaimer: Do not apply oil to your skin if the bottle does not explicitly state so*

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