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Eight Fun Things to Do on a Budget

October 27, 2017

Spending time with your friends is a great way to keep yourself entertained and stress- free to pass your time on the weekends, but hanging with friends can sometimes put a strain on your budget by going out to lunch or to the movies. Doing the same thing can become a bit dull as well, so here are 10 things to do with friends to change things up a bit and save some money while still having as much as possible. No matter where you live, there are plenty of places to go and do fun things that do not cost a lot.

  1. Potluck: Invite everyone over to someone’s house and have everyone bring a dish to share. If you cannot cook, it makes it even more fun to learn to make a dish with a friend. It also is a more intimate thing to do with friends and it usually ends up bringing people closer together.
  2. Spa Day: This is more targeted toward girls than boys. It is always fun to get together and give each other manicures. Facial masks are easy to make and if you do not want to go through the effort of making your own, they can be bought cheaply at Walmart, along with exfoliators.
  3. Free Concerts: Many parks hold free concerts and they are easy to find on the internet. Bring a picnic blanket along with something to snack on while you are listening to the music. This is a very relaxing way to chill out on a hot summer night after work.
  4. Food Hunt: Coming together to cook a meal is something not a lot of highschool students do. By only using the food found in your pantry without buying any new ingredients, it makes eating dinner more satisfying knowing you have completed a type of scavenger hunt with food and prepared it with your own hands.
  5. Hold a Marathon: Relaxing is something almost all students are extremely fond of, and is there a better way to relax than to watch TV? Find a TV series everyone wants to watch, and have a marathon, then do nothing more than watch episode after episode together while eating your favorite snacks and talking about it.
  6. Volunteer: Doing charity work with your friends is an excellent bonding experience that not only costs nothing but helps improve the lives of others as well. It also introduces you to a whole new population of people that you would most likely never have interacted with. It will give your whole group a type of “feel good” factor as well.  
  7. Play board games: Board games are currently considered out of style to high school students who would rather stay on Snapchat or Instagram, but this way of having fun is what will make it unique and interesting due to the fact that it has not been played in a while. Hold a tournament and compete against each other.
  8. Build a Garden: Starting a garden is something to consider doing because it can be sustained overtime and is something you can do together for a long time. It doesn’t just end in a day and you are all able to get your hands dirty and work together.


All of these suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a ways to have fun and keep your cash, but they all guarantee a good good time with your friends and bring you all into a tighter knit friendship.

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