The Return of Adele

Adele pours her soul into her fourth studio album making it her most personal album.



The cover of Adele’s new album.

Jada Denaud, Staff Writer

On Friday November 19, 2021 Adele released her fourth studio album “30” which includes genres such as pop, jazz, and soul ballads that expresses her divorce, motherhood, and fame which is centered around themes such as heartache, acceptance, and hope. The way Adele interacts in her songs is by storytelling. A couple examples would be “Strangers by Nature” when she introduces the overall message of the album as she starts by singing “I’ll be taking flowers to the cemetery of my heart,” in the second track “Easy on Me,” she explores the moments the singer knew her marriage was over and how she built up the courage to leave. “My Little Love” is a song that had a message to her son Angelo, apologizing to him for breaking up the family. “Cry Your Heart Out” is a song that encourages her listeners to “go at your own pace” while dealing with difficult times. This type of storytelling in music is similar in artists music such as Jazmine Sullivan and Frank Ocean.

On Wednesday, November 17, 2021 Adele sat down with Zane Lowe who is the host for “The Zane Lowe” show on Apple Music for an interview about her fourth studio album. She explained that regardless of the pain she went through making this album, she thinks the songs could help her fans through challenging times. She also explained that one of her motivations for making “30” was to explain to her son Angelo why she made the decision to divorce his dad knowing it would affect his life.

“It really helped me, this album. It really, really did. I really do believe, and I’m being arrogant or anything like that here, it’s just like, it was my hell, but I really went to hell and back. And I realized, I actually didn’t like who I was. And I think I just really got, like most other human beings, especially of my age, really just got into that thing of just going through the motions. Like I’ve got to get over there,” Adele stated further on into the interview.

Some students gave short responses about the album such as Suncoast Senior Jayna Manohalal who stated “SO AMAZING AND POWERFUL,” and Suncoast Senior Paris Starkes who said “the whole album is beautiful.” Suncoat Senior Keilana Brooks said,” Amazing. Oh my god is the best song on there”